World Cyanotype Day 2021, 25th September – can it possibly get BIGGER?

The 25th of September 2021 is World Cyanotype Day. Last year there were 265 artists taking part here from 50 different countries. Can this year possibly get BIGGER? Well, start by preparing, you have plenty of time to really think of the theme and make something NEW, and the theme this year is “Rejuvenation”. 

Enter your work in the gallery at

There are many more ways to take part, both physically and digitally find them here. To enable everyone who is isolated we offer a digital gallery. Read how to take part in World Cyanotype Day 2021 at 
 Do make our lives a little easier by following ALL of these steps, please. 🙂

  1. Create a cyanotype on this year’s theme “Rejuvenate”. No nudes allowed.
  2. Scan it in or photograph it and resize it to 700 pixels (longest side) at 72 dpi.
  3. Name the file “Name Surname, Country Title.jpg” for example “Joanne Smith, USA, Blue Flower.jpg” (Your name, the country where you are from, and the title of the image)
  4. Email the file to if you prefer to dropbox it, get a free Dropbox account here. This also gives us a tiny bit of extra storage!
  5. It is FREE to enter, but only one cyanotype per person and we really appreciate if you become a supporting member (not a requirement to enter).
  6. All the cyanotypes will be on display in the World Cyanotype Day 2021 gallery here, starting the week leading up to WCD2021, on our Instagram and Facebook page.
  7. Extra bonus: If you have Instagram, post under the hashtag #cyanotypeday and handle @alternativephotography_com

Join in!

World Cyanotype Day 2021

Learn more about Cyanotypes
Blueprint to cyanotypes the book by Malin Fabbri

2 thoughts on “World Cyanotype Day 2021, 25th September – can it possibly get BIGGER?”

  1. All recieved, it’s today, so you’re not too late. There is however a 12-18 hour delay, since we are working as fast as we can to add images to our gallery, pinterest, facebook and Instagram, and they are coming in as fast as we can add them. Which of course we are very happy about! Keep an eye out on your preferred channel.

  2. Super chuffed about the World Cyanotype Day 2021. Not sure if I managed to squeak in under the wire (time differences and all), but I’m enjoying seeing the other entries and the general vibe. Blue is definitely the colour of hope, which I think we all need.

    Thank you.

    Pam Kelt

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