Anna Atkins tribute journal 2024 - Week starting Monday

Calendar event: The theme is Composites! Closed, voting is happening

Announcing our next Calendar & Journal event – enter your best print! Our first Calendar, Journal & Planner event was such a nice event and we are holding it again this year – the added benefit is that we also have really inspiring planning tools for the entire year! See the images in the gallery Get ready! We have a theme! Announcing the theme for our next Calendar and Journal … Read more

Sony World Photography Awards 2024, 19 April – 06 May 2024, Somerset House (London, UK)

The highly anticipated Sony World Photography Awards exhibition returns to Somerset House this April, bringing extraordinary images – from luscious landscapes to impressive architecture, striking street shots to moving documentary projects – to an iconic location. This year you will enjoy a refreshed curatorial approach, bringing awe-inspiring photographs to life. The various presentations will showcase photographs printed, projected and presented digitally to enhance your visual experience. There will also be … Read more

Beginner Mordancage workshop, In person, London (Kensington). Includes introduction to digital negatives, Saturday 11 May 24 11 am-3pm

Historic process of bleach-etch, also known as gelatine relief, Mordancage method was developed by Jean -Pierre Sudre producing 3D-like reverse relief, with visible gelatine veils layer. This half day workshop will introduce you to the basics of the process, including bleaching, redevelopment and basic method of producing digital negative for contact printing with silver gelatine paper. *Photograph by Bruna Martini created during one of my workshops ( Please credit the author 🙂 … Read more

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Beginner wet collodion workshop, In person, London (Kensington), Sat 13 April 24 11am -5pm

This one-day workshop offers the opportunity to learn wet plate collodion- a historical process using silver and light to obtain a unique images on the glass plate. 1. Health & Safety Information 2. Information on wet-plate darkroom equipment-studio work and field work 3. Preparation of chemistry-glass cleaning agent, cadmium-free salted collodion, silver bath, developer , standard fixer. Note on maturing and shelf-life of chemistry 4. Introduction to large format camera … Read more

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Introduction kirlian electrophotography -beginner workshop, In person, London (Kensington) 20 April 2024 11am-2pm

Details of event:Kirlian Photography is a contact printing technique using high voltage to obtain images on photographic paper or film, capturing the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a strong electric field, an image is created on the plate. Kirlian made controversial claims that his method referred to supernatural auras-Kirlian … Read more

Meet-up: Thouars Photographic Encounters, April 19 – 21, 2024, France

“Rencontres Photographiques Thouarsaises” (Thouars Photographic Encounters) April 19 – 20 – 21, 2024 Thouars, France (near Angers, Saumur and Poitiers) In the beautiful setting of the Château de Thouars orangery: exhibitions, conferences, demonstrations, workshops, etc. A meeting between photographers who use alternative processes, to discuss their techniques and show images. It’s also an opportunity to introduce these processes to a wide audience of photographers (digital and film). Bromoil, Carbon, chemigrams, … Read more

Wetplate Collodion Tintypes and Ambrotypes, April 11-13,

Wetplate Collodion Tintypes and Ambrotypes. Bring your own camera or use one of ours! Wet Plate Collodion Workshop April 11-13 2024 $300.00 – $1,275.00 Wet plate collodion is having a blooming renaissance in the 21st century. Developed in the 1860s as a safer more transportable process than the daguerreotype. Wet plate collodion was the most popular photographic process for creating both positives and negatives until the advent of gelatin dry … Read more

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Workshop: Camera-less Photography with Stig M. Weston, June 4 – 9, Norway

Location: This workshop will take place at SAGA, Senter For Fotografi, which is located in Inderøy, considered one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Norway. Closest airport is Trondheim International Airport, Værnes, with train connections to Inderøy.   DETAILS: Join award winning photographer and artist Stig M. Weston on a workshop where we will be ‘playing outside the box’ as we experiment with creating photographs without the use of a traditional camera. … Read more

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Workshop: Layer by Layer – tri colour Gum Print with Diana Bloomfield, 21-26 May, Norway

Location: This workshop will take place at SAGA, Senter For Fotografi, which is located in Inderøy, considered one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Norway. Closest airport is Trondheim International Airport, Værnes, with train connections to Inderøy.   DETAILS: In our 5-day workshop with photographic artist and native North Carolinian Diana Bloomfield, you will learn the interpretive, intuitive, and infinitely creative printing process of tri-colour gum bichromate, turning your images into beautifully … Read more

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Workshop: Wet Plate Collodion photography + Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing with jill Enfield, May 28th – June 2nd, Norway

N PERSON WORKSHOP: Wet Plate Collodion photography + Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing with Jill Enfield Join the master of historical photo processes, Jill Enfield, in this hands-on workshop in Wet Plate Collodion Photography + Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing. Dates: May 28TH – June 2ND.    Location: This workshop will take place at SAGA, Senter For Fotografi, which is located in Inderøy, considered one of the most beautiful … Read more

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The Alternative Process Forum with Jill Enfield. Fridays every 3 weeks January 26th – May 24th

The Alternative Process Forum with Jill Enfield. The Forum is open to anyone who is working with historical photo processes. We meet every 3 weeks, on Fridays at 19:00-21:00 CET / 1-3PM EST. Starting January 26TH and wrapping May 24TH. The Alternative Process Forum is a class where practitioners of different processes meet to share and get feedback on their work, problem solve process issues, be encouraged to expand on their practise, and … Read more

Reval festival Barcelona

CALL, Portfolio Review open call, Deadline 12 February. Day of the event 24 May in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona

CALL, Portfolio Review open call, Deadline 12.02.24. Day of the event 24.05.24 in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona Details of event: Are you convinced of the quality of your photographs and determined to go to the next level by making an exhibition, a photobook, or simply looking for an expert opinion to give your project a punch? If you are one of the 18 participants, you will have the opportunity to … Read more

Calendar & Journal – Composites – Alternative Photographic Processes

The 2025 Calendar and Journal event has the theme “Composites”! Now closed for entries, read how to take part. Composites: Combining images from separate sources, replacing selected parts of an image, multiple exposures or collages of images. You can also combine different processes and materials. So, time to get creative! Of course ANY alternative processes are allowed! To read more about how each image is a composite, click on it … Read more

Take part in our 2024 events!

We thought we’d give you a heads-up so you can put these 4 events on your calendar for 2024. Our Calendar event and our Special Members Only event are for Supporting Members only. World Anthotype Day and World Cyanotype Day are open to everyone. Don’t hesitate to take part! Our events in 2024 in short: Calendar event. Open 1st February –  31st March. The theme is COMPOSITES. See last year’s … Read more