World cyanotype day – last Saturday in September – theme: ENCHANTMENT

World Cyanotype Day 2024 theme Enchantment
World Cyanotype Day 2024 theme Enchantment

Once a year the cyanotype gets special attention. Since 2015 the cyanotype is celebrated on the last Saturday in September in the yearly event World cyanotype Day (WCD for short). The next time is the 28th of September 2024. Subscribe to the Cyanotype Newsletter, and you will be notified. Beginner or seasoned cyanotyper, don’t hesitate to take part!

How to take part in World Cyanotype Day 2024 – theme: ENCHANTMENT

If you know of more locations around the world doing exhibitions, please let us know and we’ll post them here.

To take part online, you can send to TWO places, (that is us) and World Cyanotype Day (which we are supporting). See details: – that is us – Gallery here on the website and also in our Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
For everyone globally. We are supporting World Cyanotype Day with a gallery, so take part in one or both, up to you!

Send your cyanotype by email from Saturday the 28th of September 2024. Deadline Friday the 4th October 2024, midnight, your own timezone. We will post them in our gallery as fast as we can manage. There are usually many entries, so there may be a delay. If you get a response by email we have received your cyanotype and it will be included.

Please make our lives a little easier and follow ALL steps 🙂

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?

How to send your cyanotype to us:

  1. Create a cyanotype on this year’s theme “ENCHANTMENT”. No nudes allowed.
  2. Scan it or photograph it and resize it to 1080 pixels at its LONGEST side.
    PLEASE don’t send large files, it ends up in the spam box and we may miss it.
    Icon resize images to 1080 squareIf you really don’t know how, let us know and we’ll try to help.
  3. Name the file “Name Surname, Country, Title.jpg” for example “Joanne Smith, USA, Shining Light.jpg” (Your name, the country where you are from, and the title of the image). Only ONE cyanotype per person.
  4. Send the file as an attachment in the email. Please note if you resize it it should work, if you can’t resize the image for some reason contact us, since large files may get stuck in the spam box.
  5. If you want to be tagged on social media (optinal) email the handle of your Instagram (for example @alternativephotography_com) and a link to your Facebook account (for example
  6. Send it all to You will get a confirmation email within 2 days, if you have not received a confirmation after two days, check with us, we have most likely not received it.
  7. It is of course FREE to enter, but please consider becoming a supporting member or making a donation.
  8. All the cyanotypes will be on display in the gallery, see the: World Cyanotype Day 2024 gallery. If you are a member, please say in the email so we can add the extra links and posts! We know most of you, but we don’t want to miss one!
  9. Extra bonus: If you have Instagram,  tag your image with the handle @alternativephotography_com and @worldcyanotypeday
World Cyanotype Day – This is the official World Cyanotype Day that we support. It will be on the WCD website, their facebook group and Instagram account.
For everyone globally.

How to enter:
Join the World Cyanotype Day Facebook group and email cyanotypes to db Dennis Waltrip on Read more on website. Deadline: TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?

For everyone globally.

How to enter:
Victoria and Doug have moved to Victoria and are currently looking for a venue for a show. Read the interview with Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart in Melbourne

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?

How to enter:
Scan a Cyanotype and email it to with the subject Line WCD 2022.
Where will the cyanotypes be on display?
Virtual book and on Instagram: @blueprint_es
For artists, collectives, and cultural spaces in Brazil.

How to enter:
07 Sept: An Open Call Live on our Instagram: @labclube for Cyanotype Day Brasil 2024 at 8p.m (Brazil)
14 Sept: Rules announcement follow by Q&A Live on Instagram @labclube at 8p.m (Brazil)
30 Sept: Cyanotype Day Brasil Event Day, we’ll share all activities from participants.
09 Oct: Submission package arrival deadline at Lab Club. We’ll do a Digital Catalog in 2024 with 2023 and 2024 Cyanotypes.

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?

On Instagram: @labclube. They have been doing a video meeting since 2015, and share info on how to make cyanotype on fabric and organizes a catalog.

On their Instagram @labclube and:
Catalogue. You can see the 2020-21 catalogue here

Shootapalooza at the Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville Tennessee
For everyone globally.

Send flags for the gallery, with dimensions 12×12 inches, that need to be received by September 25th. The mailing address is:
The Big Camera
c/o Anna Lawrence
2012 Emoriland Blvd.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37917
Ijams website is

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?
Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville Tennessee on September 30th
Social media:
Instagram:  @ijamsnaturecenter Facebook: Ijamsnaturecenter
Instagram: @thebigcamera Facebook: The Big Camera
Oak Gallery Carlsbad, California, USA – PARTICIPATION IS NOT YET VERIFIED FOR 2024
For everyone.

How to enter:
From 11 am-2 pm

Oak Gallery, 3095 State Street, Suite G, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Event with live music.

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?
In the gallery Oak Gallery in Carlsbad, California.
A Smith Gallery, Texas, USA – No longer doing WCD
Gallery is sadly closed.  


Instagram users

If you don’t want to send in an entry and instead post from your own account, we encourage you to tag your image with these accounts:

Need to brush up your skills? Here you can learn more

Start learning the cyanotype process in this article: Cyanotype the classic process and when you want to build your skills and deeper into the process, pick up a copy of the book Blueprint to cyanotypes.

Find inspiration by other cyanotype artists’ work

There are plenty of talented cyanotype artists and photographers in the gallery to get inspired by. Do take a look at the cyanotype galleries here.

Read more about World Cyanotype Day and how it all started

World Cyanotype Day came about as a group effort ’round a kitchen table. Here we talk to db Dennis Waltrip, the contact person for the website and the Facebook Group. She does stress that World Cyanotype Day is a group effort and Judy Sherrod – who sadly passed away a few summers ago – was the spark for it all. Read an interview with db Dennis Waltrip on how it all started.

Recommended reading - Learn more about Cyanotypes
Blueprint to cyanotypes the book by Malin Fabbri
Buy directly from the author

Blueprint to cyanotypes - Exploring a historical alternative photographic process

by Malin Fabbri and Gary Fabbri

9 of 10   Rated 9,46 - based on 182 votes

All you need to get started with cyanotypes, full of information, tips and samples from artists. An excellent beginners' guide to cyanotypes!
Get the notebook
Cyanotype Notes - Document your cyanotype process
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Cyanotype notes – Document your cyanotype process

50 pre-defined pages for you to document your cyanotype process.
Anna Atkins tribute calendar
Anna Atkins calendar undated

Anna Atkins tribute calendar

12 beautiful cyanotypes by 12 different artists created in honour of Anna Atkins.
Anna Atkins tribute journal
Anna Atkins tribute journal undated

Anna Atkins tribute journal

Daily planner featuring 60 beautiful cyanotypes by different cyanotype artists created in honour of Anna Atkins.
Anna Atkins tribute planner
Anna Atkins tribute planner

Anna Atkins tribute planner

Yearly wall planner in A0, A1 and A2 size, featuring 60 beautiful cyanotypes.

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  1. I’m amazed at the variety of images and ideas people come up with for WCD. The interpretations of the theme range from the very obvious to some fairly eclectic. All of which shows our appreciation for the process and, most especially, for our appreciation for Malin and the AltPhoto lgang’s work that goes in to making all this happen! Sharing is a great way to learn: new subjects, new processes, and modifications to all of the above. Many thanks to all hosts and participants!

  2. Dear Malin, it was a pleasure to participate in the World Cyanotype Day international art exhibition, 2021. Thank you Alternative photography for organizing this beautiful unique themed exhibition. It was a pleasure to see so many beautiful Cyanotype artworks. Looking forward to more such exhibitions.

  3. Thank you Malin and all your team for putting together such a vast collection of WCD entries. In my life every day is WCD and it’s wonderful (especially in these times) to have the opportunity to connect with the world wide Cyanotype community. Huge appreciation from all of us for the INTERCONNECTION. Bloemen&BLUE

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