World cyanotype day – last Saturday in September

World Cyanotype Day 2020
The 2020 theme was “Interconnected”, 2021 is “Rejuvenation”.

Once a year the cyanotype gets special attention. Since 2015 the cyanotype is celebrated on the last Saturday in September in the yearly event World cyanotype Day. This year on the 25th of September. If you are not one of those who do cyanotypes EVERY day, it may be a good time to start. Don’t hesitate to take part in World Cyanotype Day, or WCD for short.

How to take part in World Cyanotype Day 2021

If you know of more locations around the world doing exhibitions, please let us know and we’ll post them here. – that is us – Gallery on the website starting a week before the day and also on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
Location: Online
For whom: Global – everyone welcome
How to enter:
By email. Please make our lives a little easier and follow ALL steps: 
Also tag your images on Inta posts with @alternativephotography_comDeadline: On the day (2021 on the 25th September), midnight your own timezone.
Where will the cyanotypes be on display?

World Cyanotype Day – The WCD website, a facebook group and Instagram account in cooperation with A Smith Gallery. 
Location: Online
For whom?: Everyone
How to enter:
Join the World Cyanotype Day Facebook group and email cyanotypes to db Dennis Waltrip on [email protected]. Read more on website.Deadline: 
Where will the cyanotypes be on display?

A Smith Gallery, Texas, USA – An exhibition of flags of this year’s theme. 
Location: Texas, USA
For whom?: Everyone.
How to enter: Create a cyanotype flags of the theme on white cloth.  Mail or ship them for delivery by September 17, to: A Smith Gallery, Texas, USA. See details on the World Cyanotype Day website.

Deadline: A week before the day. (2021 on the 17th of September)

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?
A Smith Gallery, Texas, USA.
The Maud Street photo gallery in Brisbane, Australia – An installation with cyanotype flags and a catalog after the event.
Location: Australia usually and/or Facebook group
For whom?: Everyone
How to enter:
Send flag to 6 Maud Street Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.Deadline: Read the interview with Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart in Melbourne.Deadline: 
Where will the cyanotypes be on display?

Blueprint Spain – virtual ebook.
Location: Online
For whom?:
How to enter:
Scan a Cyanotype and email it to [email protected] with the subject Line WCD 2021 and it will appear in the virtual book and on their Insta.Deadline:
Where will the cyanotypes be on display?
Virtual book and on Instagram: @blueprint_es
Alternative processes – curates a selection of cyanotypes.
Location: Online
For whom?: Everyone.
How to enter:
Through their website.

Deadline: About 5 days before the day (2021 on the 20th September)

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?
@alternativeprocesses and
@labclube – for artists, collectives, and cultural spaces in Brazil. They have been doing a video meeting since 2015, and share info on how to make cyanotype on fabric and organizes a catalog.
Location: Online and catalog.
For whom?: Brazilians.
How to enter:
Instructions for 2021:
Instagram: @labclube

Deadline: A week after the day (2021 on the 4th of October).

Where will the cyanotypes be on display?
Catalog. You can see the latest catalog here (2019)


Instagram users

If you don’t want to send in an entry and instead post from your own account, we encourage you to tag your image with these accounts:

Also use these hashtags:

  • Use these hashtags: #worldcyanotypeday and #worldcyanoday.
  • And if you want more hashtags: #worldcyanotypeday2021 #cyanotypeday #cyanotypeday2021 #wcd #wcd2021

Need to brush up your skills? Here you can learn more

Start learning the cyanotype process in this article: Cyanotype the classic process and when you want to build your skills and deeper into the process, pick up a copy of the book Blueprint to cyanotypes.

Find inspiration by other cyanotype artists’ work

There are plenty of talented cyanotype artists and photographers in the gallery to get inspired by. Do take a look at the cyanotype galleries here.

Read more about World Cyanotype Day and how it all started

World Cyanotype Day came about as a group effort ’round a kitchen table. Here we talk to db Dennis Waltrip, the contact person for the website and the Facebook Group. She does stress that World Cyanotype Day is a group effort and Judy Sherrod – who sadly passed away a few summers ago – was the spark for it all. Read an interview with db Dennis Waltrip on how it all started.

Learn more in the Cyanotype book
Blueprint to cyanotypes the book by Malin Fabbri

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  1. Dear Malin, it was a pleasure to participate in the World Cyanotype Day international art exhibition, 2021. Thank you Alternative photography for organizing this beautiful unique themed exhibition. It was a pleasure to see so many beautiful Cyanotype artworks. Looking forward to more such exhibitions.

  2. Thank you Malin and all your team for putting together such a vast collection of WCD entries. In my life every day is WCD and it’s wonderful (especially in these times) to have the opportunity to connect with the world wide Cyanotype community. Huge appreciation from all of us for the INTERCONNECTION. Bloemen&BLUE

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