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  1. Hi Gordon,
    Yes, would that not be wonderful to have a place like that. I know there is a place that used to take collections, but no longer. If anyone else know of a place like this, please comment.

  2. I’m looking for places to submit physical cyanotypes or other alternative process images. I’ve worked so much of my life on computers since 1977, sending images, text and voice over a phone line or radio that I’m simply tired of staring at screens or print outs. I know COVID prohibits people gathering, but that doesn’t mean a gallery (especially in a sunny climate) couldn’t set up an outdoor and spaced gallery showing of submitted works.

    Viewing an image by transmitted vs. reflected light is not the same visual or visceral experience. There’s a depth and warmth in a Platinotype and all of the other hand-coated photo processes that has to be seen in person. My introduction to these processes started by viewing Curtis prints up close when I worked in downtown Seattle. That inspired me to pick up a camera again, learn to develop film, and hand coat paper three decades ago.

    Thanks for listening, and for being a great resource.

    Gordon Cooper
    Bremerton, WA (Yes, there are places West of Seattle)

  3. Coat, dry, building up coats. I’m already doing that with my turmeric and Barr Hill Gin distillates – good!

    A friend of mine is now interested in anthotypes. So, I’ll buy her a copy of your book – mine will have too many Cabernet stains. ☺

    Stay safe and happy, wherever you are.


  4. I’ll start with a nice, dark Cabernet Sauvignon – it sounds like I’m looking at a menu in a good restaurant! Do you have suggestions for darkening the image. Borax works on turmeric. But wine? Hmnnn . . . !

  5. I’ll let you know how the wine flour works for anthotypes. What’s wonderful is you can by different varietals – from Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir to Riesling and Gewurztraminer; all different colours! No – you can’t add water to it and get instant wine!

    I will also get a subscription to Alternative Photography. No – thank YOU! 🙂

    Best wishes and be safe,


  6. I’m waiting for my birthday present – the anthotype book! I’ve had great success with the turmeric and alcohol emulsion. Question – there’s a new organic material: wine flour. It’s a dark, fine powder made from the skin and seeds of grapes. It’s used as a spice and a food coloring. Might this work in creating anthotypes?

    Thank you, anyone!

    Bradleigh (in northern Vermont)

  7. I need to get in contact with Will Dunniway to authenticate an old picture of jesse james potentially. My grandmothers grandfather was Bud Watts and used to run with an old gang assosicated with the james boys let me know any contact info please.

  8. I came across your site while searching about pinhole experiences. I was positively surprised by what I saw and read. I am 67 y.o. retired and now I have the time I had not in the past. I am very fond of photography and I enjoyed the articles very much.
    As soon as I progressed in my search I hope I can share some findings with you.
    Paulino Varela

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