Chemicals and kits

Raw chemicals and ready made kits, brushes, pigments and inks for alternative photographic processes.

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Suppliers of chemicals and kits by continent: Suppliers shipping to Europe | Suppliers shipping globally
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Chemicals, they also have offices in Germany, France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom., Spain. Ship to Europe is an online shop that supplies chemicals and laboratory equipment. Alquera Ciencia SL is a distribution and marketing company of chemical products and laboratory equipment. In Alquera we work…

Alternative photographic supplies logo

Alternative Photographic Supplies, Poland. Ships globally

Paper, chemicals, workshop kits, film, tools, accessories, books, etc. Provide tested chemicals for the historical and alternative photographic processes, materials and accessories for large format and pinhole photography. Website:…

Amicucci, Urbino, Italy. Ships globally

Paper, pigments, stationery, tools, equipment and machine, etc. A fine art shop provides a vast assortment of colours, artistic and printing papers, materials and tools for engraving, restoration, gilding, airbrushing,…


There is a $75 minimum order for cash sales.

Analog inside

Analog inside

Analog inside was created to provide an easy access to information, equipment, and premixed chemicals for historic photographic processes. Back in 2013, a website called “Collodion Shop” was our first…

APC pure, Cheshire, UK. Ships to UK and Europe

Lab equipment, bottles, chemicals for cyanotypes and more. Website: Adress: Unit 2A East Tame Business Park Rexcine Way Hyde Cheshire SK14 4GX, UK   Phone: +44 (0) 161 351…

Artcraft Chemicals Inc.

Photographic chemicals for argyrotype, Cyanotype II process and the Ware print-out platinum/palladium processes at reasonable prices. Will also make kits to order.

Atelierele Albe

Romanian based Vandyke Brown and Classic Cyanotype emulsions supplier (in increments of 50g).

Bergger products

Conventional papers, bromoil paper, sensitized aluminium plates, carbon tissue from Autotype and large format negative material.

Blueprints On Fabric

Hand treat natural fiber fabrics and watercolor paper for the cyanotype process. All of our products are pre-washed, hand-treated with classic cyanotype solution, dried and sealed in lightproof bags – Ready To Print!

BOC science logo

BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences provides a series of chemicals related to alternative photographic processes, including platinum, palladium, gelatin, and sensitizer, etc. Orders both in bulk and by individuals are welcome. A review…


Bonfoton supplies Modern Camera Obscura devices and ships for free globally. There is also a 20% discount especially for our members. From Tommi at Bonfoton: After launching the site…

Boom B.V.

Chemicals for alternative photographic processes in Netherlands.

Camera Obscura Photography logo

Camera Obscura Photography

Camera Obscura Photography supplies chemicals, papers and more for alternative photographic processes, wetplate and printing. Address: Germany Phone: +49 7577 925101 / +491726201367 Email: contactme (at) Website: Ship:…

Cyanotype kit and toning logo

Cyanotype kits and supplies

Supplies cyanotype formula A and B, Citric Acid, toning kits, UV lamps, transparencies and ready pre-coated paper. Address: 42 Berwick drive, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 1 NS, UK Phone: +44 1543…

Cyanotype store

Cyanotype store supplies precoated cyanotype materials. Address: Cyanotype Store LLC, P.O. Box 13066, Burton, WA. 98013, USA Phone: 1-800-894-9410 Fax: 206-463-2530 Email: Through website Website: Ship: Locally and internationally

Disactis Photochimie

Disactis Photochimie

Disactis Photochimie provides photographic chemicals in Europe. Address: SARL DISACTIS Photochimie, 15 rue de la Gare, 88270 Velotte-et-Tatignécourt, France Email: Through the webpage. Website: Ship: Within Europe From a…

Logo Edition Argentum

Edition Argentum, Germany. Ship globally

The business originated in my work as a professional darkroom printer, making silvergelatin prints for customers in Berlin. Edition Argentum is an onlineshop for analogue photography offering: – archival materials…


The cyanotype kit, sold as a toy has 9.5g Ammonium Iron Citrate (brown type unfortunately, but it still works), 5g Potassium Ferricyanide, spoons and some paper.


Distribute Mike Wares cyanotype process kit and argyrotype kit.

Fototechnik Suvatlar

Produce and expel photo chemicals, closely work with of the company Moersch Photochemie.

Gallery 614

Specializes in the carbon process and has prozen, commericially made carbon tissue still in stock.

Logo Gold Street Studios

Gold street studios

Alternative process kits, toners, chemicals, contact printing frames gold street studios also provides an inspirational resource for photographic image makers offering workshops to inspire, challenge and educate.

Jaquard logo

Jacquard products

Supplies cyanotype chemicals and kits and offer pre-treated cyanotype fabric sheets as well as pretreated cyanotype “murals” (7’ x 60” fabric). Artist materials for textiles & more for 35+ years….

Kama pigments

Kama pigments

Kama pigments – Matériel d’artistes – Artists’ Materials – provides pigments to use with gum arabic, dichromates and other raw materials. Address: 7442 St-Hubert, Montreal, Quebec, H2R 2N3, Canada Phone:…

Lab3 Ltd

Chemicals and darkroom equipment, minimum order 25 pounds.

Linhof studios, Essex, UK. Ships to Europe

Printing frames. Bergger paper and cyanotype kit. Website: Phone: +44 (0)1702 716116 Email: Adress: Linhof & Studio Ltd Image House 204 Leigh Road Leigh-on-Sea Essex SS9 1BS UK


Kits for alternative techniques, cameras, darkroom equipment in Germany.

Magasin Sennelier, Paris, France. Ships to France

Arches, Fabriano, Hahnemuhle, Canson paper, gamblin wax, art supplies, pigments, cyanotype, gum bichromate and chiba system supplies, archival and storage boxes. A well-stocked art supply store, with most things you…

Magnacol can supply a wide range of laboratory equipment and consumables. They also have a chemical consultancy service available. Our company founder is a Chartered Chemist and MRSC with 40…

mamut photo logo

Mamut photo, Czech republic, ship globally

Supplies chemicals, photo papers and more for alternative photographic processes. Address: Michaela Schmucker, MAMUTphoto, Zamrsky 57, 753 01 Hranice, Czech republic Phone: +420 605 269 520 Email: admin (at)…

MM Ingredients

High quality Gelatin for photography. Supply Pork gelatin in 240 bloom and 300 bloom. Beef gelatin in 240 bloom, and Fish gelatin in 150 bloom. Personal service guaranteed.
Also egg whites for the Albumen process


Precious Metal Salts Buyers Club. Discount Palladium, Platinum and Gold Chemistry (crystals, ACS reagent grade pure).

Nymoc Products Co.

Chemicals. Apparently knowledgable. Small quantities available. Ships daily within Canada.

Photographers Formulary, Montana, USA. Ships globally

Specializing in photo grade chemistry for the amateur and professional photographer. Chemicals may be purchased in any custom-scaled amount or standard 10 gram, 100 gram or 1lb. quantities. Bulk products list of over 150 chemicals includes amidol, glycin, hydroquinone, metol, liquid gum arabic, gold chloride, ferric oxalate, pinacryptol yellow solution, pyrogallol and silver nitrate.

Printmakers friend logo

PrintMaker’s Friend, Spain. Ship globally

Supply: Non-toxic replacement for gum and dichromate, as a ready-to-go photographic emulsion. Address: Calle Cronista Uriel no. 5, Lliria, Valencia 46160 Email: Website: Shipping: Ship almost anywhere!



Prophot supply photography products and chemicals. Address: 103 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France Phone: 01 81 72 01 03 Email: Through website. Website: Ship: In France.

Rockland Colloid

Liquid light emulsion, projection-speed emulsion for canvas and wood, toners and sensitizers. Cyanotype kit.

Silver and Light, Norway. Ships to Norway

Chemicals, kits, papers, lab equipment and accessories, etc. An online shop that aims to become your total supplier of chemistry and equipment for analogue photography and alternative photographic processes in…


Stock cyanotype and other chemicals and ready made kits.

Offers 24 x 36 pre-coated cyanotype paper for large projects by special order. Address: Phone: Email through website: Website: / Ship: Locally and internationally

SW Scientific

Chemicals and darkroom equipment, such as Merck and Sigma-Aldrich minimum order 25 pounds.

The Analogue lab australia

The Analogue Laboratory, Australia. Ship globally

Cyanotype chemicals and kits. Printing Frames. Ship globally. Frames Hand-made contact printing frames in standard sizes for 8×10″/A4 paper or 11×14″ paper. Custom sizes available by request. Our contact printing…

Zebra Dry Plates logo

Zebra Dry Plates, Slovenia. Ships globally

Dry plate Tintype and wet plate collodion frames and holders. Cyanotype kit. Developers and chemicals, Drying racks. Large wooden camera. The cyanotype kit is New Cyanotype formula: This Zebra New…

Zhejiang Rongsheng Tech Co.,Ltd

SQB powder and other photosensitizers. About them: One of the earliest batch of professional production enterprises of photosensitive materials in China. Our company introduce kinds of international advanced automated production…

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    I tried several times to contact BluePrintsOnFabric, but never got an answer. Maybe this store is closed? Does anyone know something about that? I also looked up other shops in this directory, but I couldn’t find, what I need for my next art project: precoated cotton squares (30 x 30 cm or 40 x 40 cm). Unfortunately I have currently no suitable space where I could coat fabric on my own.
    Please, let me know, if you know a shop, which offers precoated cyanotype cotton squares and delivers to Germany.
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