Take part in our 2024 events!

We thought we’d give you a heads-up so you can put these 4 events on your calendar for 2024. Our Calendar event and our Special Members Only event are for Supporting Members only. World Anthotype Day and World Cyanotype Day are open to everyone. Don’t hesitate to take part!

Our events in 2024 in short:


Anna Atkins tribute journal 2024 - Week starting Monday
The Anna Atkins tribute journal for 2024

Calendar event (Calendar, Journal & Planner)

Closed for entries! Our first calendar / journal / planner event was such a nice event and we are running it again – the added benefit is that we also have really inspiring planning tools for the entire year!

How to prepare:

  2. This event will be open to all Supporting Members.
  3. Now closed for entries, enjoy them all in the gallery.

Special birthday event for Supporting Members Only – Art & Artists, edition 2

Special Supporting Members Only event. If you are a Supporting Member or sign up you will be eligible to take part. We’re keeping this a secret until our 24th birthday in April! Get our newsletter and you’ll be the first to find out

World Anthotype Day 2024 – opening 1 of August

  • The next World Anthotype Day 2024 is the 17th of August. We will start taking entries on the 1st of August 2024 and deadline will be the 17th of August 2024.
  • It is free to enter, but please help us with costs, for the price of a coffee.
  • No theme, there are many prints done with the same plant so try to find an unusual emulsionAll emulsions are listed here. If an emulsion is already listed, try another one, unless you can add some insight that is already there, or make an exceptional print somehow. The aim is to expand the database of emulsions. If there are too many of one emulsion, we may not add it.
  • Please send us an anthotype made in the last 12 months
Map for World Anthotype Day 2023 with participants from 31 countries.
Map for World Anthotype Day 2023 with participants from 31 countries.

World Cyanotype Day 2024 opening 28th of September

To take part online, you can send to TWO places, AlternativePhotography.com (that is us) and World Cyanotype Day (which we are supporting). See details on this page.


Artists that took part in 2023 came from all these countries!


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