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Our photography community - Use the alt. proc. map to find photographers in your area or to add yourself.
Use the alt. proc. map to find photographers in your area or to add yourself.

The photography community centres around artists working in alternative photographic processes, and especially those who share knowledge or images. As you know, sharing is also learning!
The community is also about personal meetings, online or offline, here is an example of a Wonderful Way to Meet. So, don’t hesitate to join in!

Take part in one of our events

We regularly run events and every year at least one members-only event. Get our newsletter to get notified. Our events:

  • Calendar event – takes place in the spring for calendar / journal / planner for the following year with the aim to showcase as many artists as possible
  • World Anthotype Day – started and hosted by us every August with the aim to have fund with anthotypes, do collective research on anthotypes and sharing findings
  • World Cyanotype Day – we support our co-artist with galleries and social media coverage in September with the aim have fun with cyanotypes
  • Also, check here for workshops, events and exhibitions around the world.


Find friends and build your network

Apart from contacting artists who have a gallery or contributors of articles, there are also several social media channels you can find contacts in. To get in contact with us email, or contact us through any of our social media channels.

Sharing is learning

Share your knowledge

Visitors to this site are always looking for new ways or new processes. And, there are usually several versions of the same process. Share what you know.

Share your photography

Inspire others with your work and show it off.

Share events

If you are organising an event, workshop, meetup, a call for entries or anything else, share it, as long as it’s alt. proc.

Community rules in short

  • Be nice
  • No spamming
  • Share your knowledge and help each other
  • ONLY alternative photographic processed images allowed
  • When posting images, state which process you used
  • When posting, add a description
  • No nudes
  • No self-promotion, apart from events you are hosting etc
  • Have fun!

Community rules in full.

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