Darkroom equipment

Second hand & new darkroom equipment, UV light sources, Cold-light heads & bulbs and Contact print frames.

Protective apron for the darkroom.
Anthotype, Cuprotype, Cyanotype, Chrysotype, Daguerreotype… Which type are you?

Protective apron for the darkroom

  • No more staining your clothes.
  • 100% organic cotton.
  • 2 great pockets for STUFF.

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Alternative Photographic Supplies

Alternative photographic supplies logo

Alternative Photographic Supplies sells chemicals, papers and more for alternative photographic processes. Address: Szlachetna Fotografia/ TSF Trójmiejskie Studio Fotografii, Radosław…

Analog inside

Analog inside

Analog inside was created to provide an easy access to information, equipment, and premixed chemicals for historic photographic processes. Back…

ars-imago international

Specialized in analogue photography. Supply anything you can use with a non digital system.

B&H photovideo

B&H photo video logo

Supplies darkroom equipment, trays, tongs, photographic papper Adress: NYC SuperStore, 420 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA Website: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/…

Foto Autofocus

Second hand store for photography equipment. Not only cameras and lenses, but they also buy and sell darkroom equipment (new and used), chemicals, papers, tools.

Foto Rembrandt

(Analog) photography equipment including second hand. Black and white darkroom materials, chemicals, papers, accessoires, everything you need.

Fotoimpex Berlin


Carry film, Baryta paper, as well as films hard to get and stock darkroom equipment. Store: Fotoimpex Berlin GmbH, Alte…

Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Logo Freestyle Photographic

Freestyle is committed to the traditional and alternative photographic processes. We carry all the chemicals and supplies you need for traditional and alternative photography.

John Brewer photography

John Brewer photography printing frames

Address: England Contact: Through website Website: https://johnbrewerphotography.com/wpsales Supply: Fixer boxes and plate racks for Wetplate collodion Ship: Locally

Lab3 Ltd

Chemicals and darkroom equipment, minimum order 25 pounds.


Kits for alternative techniques, cameras, darkroom equipment in Germany.

Mamut photo

mamut photo logo

Mamut photo supplies chemicals, papers and more for alternative photographic processes. Address: Michaela Schmucker, MAMUTphoto, Zamrsky 57, 753 01 Hranice,…

Stouffer industries

stouffer industries

The Stouffer TX Exposure Guide is used to pinpoint the proper exposure for B/W and color prints. From one test…

Ternes-Burton Register pins

Ternes Burton register pins are precision machined buttons spot welded to a stainless steel base. They are commonly used to…

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