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AlternativePhotography.com is very much FOR you and BY you. Here is a list of the very generous people – photographers and teachers – who have shared their expertise and knowledge for others to do better art. If you have something to share, read how to write articles here.

Alexey Alexeev

Photographer and researcher of alternative and historical photographic processes and the first to learn the Wet-Plate Collodion Process in modern Russia and is using it at a professional level.

Palma Allen

Originally from Finger Lakes area of NY but currently lives near Washington DC. She is a self-taught photographer with a background in music and art.

Filipe Alves

A Portuguese architect and 3D artist. With a passion for photography, astro-photography and holography.

Steve Anchell

An internationally published artist and author of The Darkroom Cookbook, The Variable Contrast Printing Manual, and The Film Developing Cookbook. Also conducts workshops.

Christina Z. Anderson

Christina Z. Anderson is an Associate Professor of Photography at Montana State University, Bozeman, where she specializes in alternative and experimental process photography. Her books The Experimental Photography Workbook and Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes have sold worldwide.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson runs the Special Edition Art Project, a website and public workshop facility located in Santa Cruz, California. The mission of the Special Edition Art Project is to provide affordable access to the creation and presentation of the photographic-related arts.

Michael Andrews

Invented the Ferric Gum process in the 70’s whilst trying to use photograghic methods as a way for artists to make prints, simply as an alternative to etching or lithography.

Gary Auerbach

Having seen his early work deteriorate, Gary searched for the more permanent photograph. Platinum became his medium. He also works in Polariod image transfers.

Jonathan Bailey

Lives in Tenants Harbor, Maine, USA, and is a self-taught photographer, who began his fascination with the ‘Diana’ camera (a $2 plastic toy) in 1979. He also runs workshops.

Andrea Baldi

An Italian amateur photographer with passion for black and white photography and alternative processes. Andrea is working with cyanotype, vandyke, ziatype and gum printing.

Shane Balkowitsch

Shane Balkowitsch like many of us, have no photographic formal training. He found a wet plate photograph online and knew that there was something special about it.  He bought John Coffer’s manual and is self taught, between October 2012 and November 2013 he has shot 389 plates. Shane’s work has also been accepted by the North Dakota Art Gallery Association for a traveling solo exhibition.

Scott Barnes

Author of “Making Photogravures With Polymer Plates” and a teacher of Printmaking, Photography, and Life Drawing at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

Carol Barton

Carol Barton is an author of two books on the craft of Pop-ups, The Pocket Paper Engineer I and II.

Alexis Bernstein

A graduate from College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in Minnesota where she studied fine art with a focus in alternative photography and sculpture.

Steven Berkowitz

Steven Berkowitz is Associate Professor and Area Head of Photography for the Department of Art & Art Education at Tyler School of Art of Temple University.

Ivy Bigbee

An American artist working with the Polaroid techniques.

Dr. Hans I. Bjelkhagen

Professor of Interferential Imaging Sciences in the UK, and has worked on holography. He has also researched and improved Lippmann photography.

Emma Bjorndahl

Emma Bjorndahl runs the blog thisisnotdigital.org where she shares her progress in alternative processes.

Peter J. Blackburn

Peter J. Blackburn is a freelance photographer working in the Dallas, Texas area. For his alternative imagery, Peter chooses to work principally in tricolor with gum and casein bichromate processes.

Laura Blacklow

Laura Blacklow, a professional artist for over forty years, is the author of New Dimensions in Photo Processes. She is a faculty member at the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University and volunteer at Fotokidsoriginal in Guatemala.

Diana Bloomfield

Diana Bloomfield, from Raileigh, North Carolina, USA, makes large format pinhole photographs.

Marco Boeringa

Marco Boeringa is a former biologist and IT specialist, now trying to make a living as a photographer and multi-disciplinary artist, with a keen interest in anything related to analog photography.

Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin works with a variety of techniques, including pinhole, cyanotype and gum, and teaches part-time at the University of Delaware.

Jonathan Brewer

Runs his own business which specializes in portraiture.

Dean Brierly

Admits to being a former editor of Camera & Darkroom magazine. He is currently a freelance contributor to photography and film journals, and is a lifelong silver-based photographic image maker.

Ruth Brown

Ruth is a textile artist and tutor based in the lovely East Riding of Yorkshire in England, she prints cyanotypes on fabric and is the author of Cyanotypes on fabric.

Ed Buffaloe

A fine art photographer from Austin, Texas, USA and also owns and runs Unblinking Eye.

Andrea Canducci

A visual designer whose interests are linked to all forms of visual communication and in particular to the photographic medium as a system of purely subjective view.

Terri Cappucci

A respected documentary photographer and photographic artist from New England. She is working with the gumoil process and multiple alternative process such as bromoil and wet plate collodion.

Alex Chater

A temperaprinter from Southend on Sea in the UK.

Anita Chernewski

Runs the website The Pinhole Format Co. and is a pinhole artist and expert.

Wendy Cook

A New York artist working in the Polaroid processes.

Megan Crawford

A photographer from Montana with a background in history.

Walter Crump

From Boston, USA and a pinhole artist since 1987. Published, exhibited and collected. Also teaches workshops.

Sergio Devecchi

Sergio Devecchi, a member of Grupponamias, started B&W photography in the early 70s and moved in to alternative printing processes in the 80s; Kallitype, Salted Paper and then to the processes to the Pt/Pd and Carbon print.

Dr Katayoun Dowlatshahi

An artist, printmaker and photographer and one of a handful of people in the UK specialising in Carbon pigment printing.

Will Dunniway

A wet plate collodion artist and author of two books on the same subject. Will has sadly passed away.

Jill Enfield

New Yorker, working in the liquid emulsion, kallitype, pl/pd, writes books and teaches workshops.

Gail Erwin

An artist specializing in hand papermaking, artists books and alternative photography. She lives, works, teaches and exhibits in and around Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Mark L. Eshbaugh

Mark L. Eshbaugh is the author of Alternative Photography Processes.

Malin Fabbri

Malin Fabbri moved from Sweden to London to study, and earned an MA in Design at Central St. Martin’s. She has written five books on alternative photographic processes. In 2000 she began AlternativePhotography.com, and continues to be it’s editor.

Jesseca Ferguson

A Boston-based artist who have worked with pinhole for many years. Often combining the pinholes with cyanotypes or argyrotypes.

Jaqueline Van Fossen

A painter at heart, and has been working in the fibre and design field for a number of years. She is a member of the Edmonton Needlecraft Guild and the Edmonton Weavers Guild to offset her specialty of quilting.

Peter Fredrick

(1935-2009) Peter was a childhood survivor of the London Blitz, worked as a professional photographer and developed the Tempera print process.

Peter Friedrichsen

Peter Friedrichsen is a photographer and alternative printmaker based in Toronto, Canada. He uses a minimalist approach to isolate subject matter while defocusing the complexity that surrounds it.

Jose Garcia Fuertes

Born Madrid (Spain) in 1960 and lives in Barcelona. A “low budget amateur photographer and printer”. Have been working with Cyanotypes, Van Dyke prints, Salted paper, Gum, Direct Carbon prints and heliogravure prints since 2008.

Ben Garfinkle

Ben Garfinkle, president of FfPP’s (Foundation for Photographic Preservation) since 2016.

Steve Gellman

Steve Gellman lives in Dallas and is an MFA Photography student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Andrew Glover

Inspired by his father, he grew up in Scotland with a strong interest in photography. Today he favors the Carbon process.

Cody Goddard

Cody Goddard likes working in the Polaroid 669 transfer process and making his own versions of the process.

Lloyd Godman

A Lecturer in Charge of Photography in New Zealand and regarded as one of the fore-most exponents of the alternative techniques in Australasia.

Frank Gorga

Frank Gorga is a retired chemistry professor working in several alt. proc. processes.

Elizabeth Graves

An artist working with cyanotype, vandyke and collodion and a keen experimenter with all sorts of alternative photographic processes.

Chaitanya Guttikar

Gives photography courses, lectures and seminars in Pune and around India. He teaches both Digital Photography and Film Photography as well as Alternative Photographic Processes. He is a director of Goa-CAP.

Clayton Harley

Clayton Harley is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on analog photography, cinematography, and digital videography. He lives and works in New York City.

Clay Harmon

A geophysicist for the purpose of feeding his family and a photographer for feeding his imagination.

Carol Hayman

A photographer and printmaker, lives in Austin, Texas where she is a retired Professor of Anthropology from Austin Community College. She prints at Slugfest Print Studio.

Clive Heritage-Tilley

Clive Heritage-Tilley lives in England and has been a lecturer in photography (within the context of Art & Design) for the past 20 years. He has always been keen to experiment with alternative processes and explore a variety of possible images through variations in process technique and mixed media.

Robert Hirsch

An author of many photography books, like Seizing the light and Photographic Possibilities.

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth lives in New York and photographs the East End of Long Island landscapes. Her hand-colored, infrared images have appeared in numerous art exhibits.

David Hoptman

Living in Tuscany, Italy, teaching photographic and Polymer gravure workshops from his home and studio in Tuscan Light Photographic Workshops.

Rosemary Horn

Rosemary Horn is from New Zealand and works in anthotypes and photosynthesis.

Larry Huhn

A life long photographer recently introduced to alternative processes and focusing on platinum and gum printing.

Chad Jarvis

An albumen artist.

Melissa Jolley

Working with photography for over 20 years, Melissa creates hybrids with digital processes and alternative processes.

David Kachel

Contributing Editor to Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques Magazine (now defunct). Widely published Zone System authority & inventor of the “Selective Latent Image Manipulation Techniques”

Art Kaplan

Researches alternative photographic processes at the Getty Conservation Institute.

Jan Kapoor

A pinhole artist who also work in several other alternative processes, like cyanotype and platinum and palladium.

Jurek Karwowski

In the south of Norway, Jurek works with Polymer Gravure. He is also a member of the Norwegian group called Bromkameratene.

Gregg Kemp

Gregg is a longstanding “pin head” and used to run Pinhole Visions for several years.

Jacques Kevers

Founder-animator of Picto Benelux, an “alt-proc” group in Belgium and founder of the photographers’ collective PEPS (Photographie Expressive, Photographie Subjective). Prints pinholes, solargraphs, bromoils and cyanotypes.

Melanie King

An artist and curator with a specific focus on astronomy based in Ramsgate, Kent, UK. She is co-Director of super/collider, Lumen Studios and founder of the London Alternative Photography Collective.

Sandy King

A photo historian and landscape photographer, working with large format cameras. He prints with carbon, kallitype and palladium, and is the author of The Carbon Print.

Terry King

One of the founders of APIS and also runs workshops.

Nicolai Klimaszewski

Likes working with unpredictable processes, and images made from porcelain, lithophane and woodburytypes. Teacher at the Photography Program at Tompkins-Cortland Community College.

Yago de Orbe Klingenberg

Yago de Orbe Klingenberg is a photographer born in Spain but lives in Ecuador and works in the Chlorophyll printmaking process.

Ronni Mae Knepp

Ronni Mae Knepp is an American Fine Art Photographer from El Paso in Texas, USA.

Brian J. Krummel

A photographer who completed a BA in Arts from Pennsylvania State University in 1996, focusing on photography. He continued his own photographic experimentations and explorations, branching off into the interests of lo-fi, toy camera, and pinhole photography.

Matthew Kovacs

A nomadic traveling photographer and bookbinder from Melbourne, Australia. Commercially practicing wet plate collodion and various alternative processes.

Allan Lamb

A certified picture framer, and has been working in photography since 1960. The author of ‘Framing Photography’.

Jason Land

Starting out in journalism, he quickly switched to more artistic endeavors including aluminum plate, cyanotypes, liquid emulsion, palladium printing and most of all a digital image-to-surface transfer method, transferring to wood.

Paul Lewis

A photographer, photochemist and metalsmith living in Canada, who enjoys the pleasures of classic cameras and infrared photography.

Cara Lee Wade

A self-proclaimed alt process nerd who makes art about memory, one’s sense of space, and impossible beauty standards. She serves as Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Bonny Pierce Lhotka

Bonny Lhotka is an internationally know artist and founding member of Digital Atelier ®. She is also the author of several books on transfers and mixed media.

Jane A. Linders

Jane A. Linders explored different processes, and fell in love with the polaroid image transfer process and infrareds. Jane lives in St. Louis, Missouri and most of her images are shot in the midwest region of the country.

Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen

Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen has worked with alternative photographic processes for more than ten years. He works with photo transfers, photogravure, xerolithography, cyanotypes and albumen prints.

John Lockhart

John Lockhart has been working in a variety of handmade process for years, and carbon transfer is the current focus of his work. John lives and works in Austin Texas.

Gavin Lyons

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1972, Gavin Lyons is an award-winning landscape and nature photographer who is self-taught.

Sarah Lycksten

From Gothenburg, Sweden and prints with liquid emulsion and lumen prints.

Tina Maas

Tina studied for Jill Enfield, now lives in London and makes modern tin types and liquid light emulsion prints.

Spike MacGee

A freelancy copywriter and journalist with a strong interest in the alternative processes.

Sean Mackenna

An experienced ‘Wethead’.

Farah Mahbubu

Farah is lecturing photography at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan.

Nitsa Malik

Originally from Israel but moved to Los Angeles in the early 90’s. Photographing with analogue cameras, experimenting in the darkroom, creating mixed media pieces and processing salt prints.

Barbara Maloney

An American living in Germany and a photographer for over 25 years, Barbara workes in photographic print process such as intaglio printmaking.

Arrigo Mamone

Arrigo Mamone from Italy is working in Heliogravure, or photogravure.

Selby Markham

A retired psychologist starting with a box Brownie but now using a range of formats from 16mm to 4×5. Involved in developing skills in alternative processes at the Melbourne Camera Club.

John Marriage

A writer for Photographica World.

Marek Matusz

A Polish-born American with a chemist degree. He is a self-taught photographer who likes working in Chrysotypes, Satista prints and Lumen.

Stephen McNeill

Stephen McNeill is a Canadian fine art photographer and printmaker who lives in Toronto. He works almost exclusively with analogue processes and b/w imagery.

Lars Mellberg

Lars Mellberg lives in Sweden on a little island in the Lake Mälaren where he works as a teacher and gives courses in alternative processes.

Peter Miller

Peter Miller runs workshops and also sells his Intaglio prints.

Barbara Morais

Barbara Morais is a physician, living in the North of Portugal. Self-taught photographer,is a lover of alternative photographic processes. She exhibited her photographs at the Order of Physicians-Oporto and won the first prize of photography of the Portuguese Association of General Clinic Physicians in 2015.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi

A Photographer, Daguerreotypist, and Anthropologist. His photography adapts 19th century technologies, notably Daguerreotypy and Wet-Plate Collodion, to contemporary aesthetic, intellectual, and ideological concerns.

Jean-Claude Mougin

Jean-Claude Mougin is a French photographer and philosophy teacher. He has been working with palladium and platine for the last 30 years.

Anthony Mournian

Writes the Photographers’ Formulary monthly newsletter, prints silver gelatins and likes reading whilst walking. Watch out for low branches!

Arpan Mukherjee

An associate professor of printmaking, visual art at Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. He is one of the earliest researchers on alternative photography in the country.

Eric Neilsen

An alternative photograher based in the US.

Alberto Novo

A chemist – fond of mountains and photography, and born in Venice, Italy. And a member of the Rodolfo Namias Group.

Elizabeth Opalenik

A Mordançeuse working on six continents, connecting life’s possibilities through teaching workshops, humanitarian projects and making art. In 2007 she published her first monograph, Poetic Grace: Elizabeth Opalenik Photographs 1979-2007 and in 2020 she conjured into existence Workshop Stories: changed through photography.

Selina Oppenheim

Selina has been a consultant to creative professionals for over 20 years. The president of Port Authority Inc. one of US’s leading talent consulting firm.

Niranjan Patel

Niranjan Patel is a photographer based in Frederick, MD, USA who has dabbled in various processes like P.O.P, cyanotypes, salt prints, and Pt/Pd, in addition to more recent stumbling into cuprotypes.

Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson is from New Orleans, is a semi-retired physician working work 3 days a week in an urgent care. Jim has a lifelong love of analog, alt photo, and the chemistry of it.

Amber Reumann Engfer

Experimentation in the darkroom and using UV rays led to a unique combination of gelatin silver and cyanotype in Amber’s work. Silver gelatin cyanotypes has captured the attention and curiosity of viewers, many of whom have not considered combining these two processes.

Almudena Romero

Almudena Romero (b. in Madrid in 1986) is a visual artist based in London working with a wide range of photographic processes such as the chlorophyll process.

Mark Scholer Pedersen

Silver gelatin and dry plate photography.

JE Piper

JE Piper is a native New York City photographer and artist focusing on the city’s vernacular architecture, working predominately with pinhole cameras and alternative processes, as well as conventional digital and film cameras..

Richard Puckett

Richard Puckett is the author of The Old Made New and works in the Dry Print-Out Processes with Gold, Palladium, and Platinum.

Paolo Saccheri

A passionate photographer since a very young age when he attended a photography course at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. His intense work in cyanotype brought together his technical abilities and his vision and he has also created a course Digital Negative.

Heather Siple

From Delaware, USA and loves to experiment with cameras, lenses, peephole photography and anthotypes.

Liam Smith

An A-Level Photography teacher at Farringtons School in south east London and lover of experimental photography, from tintypes to animated digital glitch art.

Tena Smith

A multidisciplinary artist whose work in a variety of mediums has been showcased and sold in multiple galleries and boutiques across the state of Florida since 2007.

Carlo Ponzoni

A resourceful Italian who builds his own UV printer and lenses.

Jalo Porkkala

Jalo Porkkala is studying and using historical and alternative processes, both in his own artistic work and at the university he is teaching at.

Renata Ratajczyk

An internationally acclaimed photographer and digital artist specializing in photo illustration, fashion and fine art portraiture, using Polaroids in her work.

Ron Reeder

Ron Reeder (1939-) lives on Mercer Island, Washington. He retired in 2002 and began a second career in photography. He has written two books and several articles on digital negatives. He prefers processes like palladium, gum bichromate and albumen.

Martin Helmut Reis

A Canadian photographer of alternative processes since 1999.Can be found in Toronto cafes absorbed in his copy of Silver Sunbeam and an old folder camera.

Tim Rudman

One of the world experts on Lith priting and author of several books on the subject.

Hans Rooseboom

Curator of Photography at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Denise Ross

Founder of The Light Farm and keen on the silver gum process.

Hervé Sachy

Hervé’s developed a passion for working with metal and specifically copper and created a chrome free version of the process.

Natasha Sanchez

A photographer & songwriter from New Orleans who works in liquid emulsion and lumen and hand paints her work.

Robert A. Schaefer Jr.

A New York based photographer working in the Cyanotype and other alt processes. His work is often inspired by architecture.

Anders Schildt

An ex-photography teacher who favors the oilprint techiques.

Simone Simoncini

Simone Simoncini is a part-time photographer and printer based in Volterra, Italy. He works in a variety of techniques in both iron based and pigment techniques. Hand-making images is part of his process.

Heather Siple

An internationally published artist, Siple is a dedicated practitioner of peephole photography and the alchemy of the darkroom.

George L. Smyth

An American photographer who specializes in the Bromoil process and is a regular lecturer on pinhole photography.

Balazs Sprenc

A Hungarian artist who likes working with cyanotypes, argentotypes, lumen prints and loves the smell of polaroid chemicals.

Terri Sprinkle

Lives in Atlanta, GA, USA where she keeps a home darkroom and also works in bromoil, lith printing and hand coloring her silver gelatin prints. She has taught workshops in beginner’s hand coloring and sells her work locally, and started ThePhotoBeat.com photography forum in 2009.

Helen Stead

Helen Stead is a visual artist based in Manchester, U.K. She specialises in mixed media, textiles and alternative photography processes.

Anne Storm van Leeuwen

Anne Storm van Leeuwen makes beautiful handmade papers and prints her cyanotypes and gum bichromates on these papers.

Dr. Dusan Stulik

Researches alternative photographic processes at the Getty Conservation Institute.

Dave Symonds, F.R.P.S. E.F.I.A.P.

Born in Birmingham England in 1948, and took up photography in 1985. Since then he has gained two Associateships of The Royal Photographic Society in 1991 – Colour Prints & Colour Slides.

Angelo Taibi

Born in Sicily, lives in Italy and prints b&w, liquid emulsion and cyanotypes.

James Tanguay

James Tanguay is a photographer, musician and science educator living in the Southwestern United States. His artistic endeavors include adapting alternative photographic printing processes for use in wet and dry plate cameras.

Henk Thijs

A bromoil artist from the Limburg region, south of the Netherlands.

Kirk V. Toft LRPS

A British practioneer (the only one?) of the Oleobrom process and a member of the International Societly of Bromoilists.

General Treegan

General Treegan, born Andrés Pardo, is a filmmaker, photo lab nerd and lover of small formats based in Mexico since 2003.

Seth Troutner

A keen gum printer inventing his own start up kit.

Tarja Trygg

A student of Solargraphy, Tarja is undertaking a project to map the sun’s path across the world with help of her can-assistants.

Alex Tymków

A photographer and Senior Photography Technician in the School of Media & Photography, University of Plymouth, UK.

Lexy Liangzi Xiao | 肖靓子

An artist and researcher from Beijing, China, currently based in Bergen and London. She works with alternative and analogue photographic processes, textiles, and moving images.

Inês Valente

Portugese artist working in pinhole, cyanotype and anthotypes..

Sarah Van Keuren

Teacher at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia as an adjunct professor and author of A Non-Silver Manual.

Dr. Mike J. Ware

A British chemist and inventor of the New Cyanotype process – amongst others and an author of many books.

Ken Watson

Amateur photographer and wet plate collodion expert, a serious “wet head”.

Wynn White

An american artist living in Japan.

Taylor Whitney

An archivist of private and corporate collections, President and Founder of Preserving the Past, in LA, California and pursuing her Masters Degree in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management.

Peter Wiklund

A Stockholm based writer and photographer and a serious “pin head”.

Brady Wilks

A fine art photographer, print maker, and professor of photography. Currently showing work in galleries, selling prints, writing how-to articles, teaching college darkroom and alternative process courses and workshops in the greater D.C. area.

Bill Winkler

Bill Winkler is a native New Yoker, currently living in San Bernardino. His passion is Layered Transparencies on Glass, and is working on a homemade panchromatic silver emulsions for making glass plate separation negatives.

Scott Wittenburg

Scott Wittenburg is a photography teacher and the host of Photography 101, the top photo podcast on iTunes. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Kelly Wrage

Kelly Wrage lives near Philadelphia and has worked in several different photographic processes with gumoil, gum bichromate, and casein being among her favorites. Her gumoil work is published in Christopher James’ The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, Third Edition.

Christopher A. Wright

Christopher Wright has been making large-format photographs since 1980. Born with a very rare connective tissue disease, nonetheless Wright has degrees in languages and in History of Religions. He is self-taught in photography, and since 2000, has used grants to learn and to put into practice such antique processes as Calotype, Collodion (wet and dry); salted and albumen prints, argentotype, and energiatype.

Lexy Liangzi Xiao | 肖靓子

An artist and researcher from Beijing, China, based in Bergen, Norway. She works with alternative and analogue photographic processes, textiles, and moving images, regarding photography as performance and action beyond the content of image. She created her alternative silver mirroring toning recipes and processes, to bring the silver back to the surface of the prints, and to bring the deterioration back to the artworks.

Brian Young

Formerly an academic engineer and originally from London, Brian now lives in Berlin where he practices, researches and writes about alternative processes, pinholing and traditional film photography.

Angela Young

Angela Young from Wisconsin, USA, has a BFA in printmaking and is pursing a MFA in the same subject. She works in Copper photogravure and Photolithography.

Ellie Young

Ellie Young teaches alternative photographic processes in Australia and is an author of The Salt Print Manual.

Anton Zytnik

Anton Zytnik is an Australian visual artist who has specialized in large-scale acrylic transfer printing since 2004, with a background in film/digital photography and screenprinting.


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