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Platinum & palladium printing services, hand processing service, B&W darkroom labs, rescue service for old film.

Alternative Photo Services

Alternative Photo Services

Alternative Photo Services is a gallery and print shop/lab in Toronto. “Here at Alternative Photo Services, we combine contemporary technology with historical processes. The services we provide include digital silver…

Blanco Negro

Printers of alt. photo. and developers of old film. Custom B&W lab, all hand processed. Custom film processing, toning, lith printing, salt printing and photo gravure. Darkrooms for hire and film recorder facility.

Blocklin Fine Print

Blocklin Fine Print is a traditional Black and White lab. “We strive to take a more personal approach to lab services – giving you more choice in the outcome of…

hidden light printers logo

Hidden Light LLC

Matt Beaty runs a commercial darkroom specializing in large format silver gelatin (including toning) and platinum palladium printing, from both film and digital capture.


Send us a digital photograph and you will get an A4 or A3 transfer sheet back, that you can convert into a image transfer.

LightBox, Inc.

Offer wide range of traditional and digital printing including Platinum/Palladium.

RJ Print Lab

Historical Photographic Processes Lab & Learning Center Address: Unit 15 Stella Gill Industrial Estate, County Durham DH22RG, ENGLAND. Contact details: Roberto Aguilar ( Website: / Supplies: Platinum Palladium Prints, VanDyke…

The Photosmith Logo

The Photosmith

The Photosmith has been here for 30 years as a photo lab. We can scan all types and sizes of positive and negative film up to 8″x10″ size. We can scan tin-types, and glass plates. We develop color C-41 film, E-6 film, and black and white film in sizes 35mm, 120, and 220. All in house. We do offer processing of 4″x5″ inch film, but do send it to a companion lab.

Logo The Wet Print

The Wet Print

The Wet Print specializes in the carbon transfer, offering both prints and workshops. Address: Calle Alcublas 15, Lliria, Valencia 46160 Spain Phone: +34 672 265 500 Email: calvin.grier (at)…

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