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Community rules for AlternativePhotography.comWe don’t like too many community rules, but some are necessary. Here they are – the rules for the Facebook group, the Google community and anywhere else is involved to create a community:

No nudes. This site is open to everyone that includes educational institutions and cultures where nudity may be offensive.

State the process you are using if you post images. For example “Gum bichromate, taken during…”

No digital, instagram, photoshop vandyke filters or silver gelatins, they are not alt. proc. quite yet.

Keep discussions relevant. The forum is for alternative processes and photography, if you want to talk about your dog, please find a dog forum.

Write a descriptive subject. For example: “Cyanotypes – which paper to use?” rather than “I need some help”.

Keep the discussions in the right category if there are categories. This way others can find what they’re looking for too.

Be helpful. The forum is about sharing information, helping and getting help. We’ve all been beginners, and even experts need a hand sometimes. Help and you’ll benefit too.

Be nice. No racial slurs, political banter, religious preachings, verbal abuse or anything else offensive will be tolerated here. Don’t do it, you will be banned.

No self-promotion. The forum isn’t about promoting your business, selling products or marketing your services. It’s about sharing information. But, of course you CAN tell people about your alt. proc. related products and exhibitions.

No spamming. Spammers will be banned.

Apart from that… don’t forget to have fun and make friends!

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  1. I work with japanese papers which i treat with egg-oil tempera , with or without pigments, and print black and white photots via my computer. Is this alternative photography?

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