Photography articles and how-to

List of more photography articles by subject and the subjects are: general practices for alternative photographic processes, how-to articles, history, photographers and people, book reviews and more. Go here if you are looking for alternative photographic processes how-to.

After printing and mounting

What to do with your prints after you are done, how to mount and choose a mat, making an album or even making a quilt.

Cameraless photography

Cameraless can be combined with many of the other processes. It is the creation of an image without the use of a camera, such as a photogram, where an image is placed on a coated surface (with for example cyanotype or anthotype emulsion) instead of a negative, or a chemigram where chemicals are poured on the surface to create an image.

Formulas and how-to

Step-by-step instructions, technical and chemcial information on how to carry out the processes and articles of a more general nature, relating to alternative photographic processes.

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