An cyanotype is an historic alternative photographic process invented in the 1840s by Sir John Herschel. Though it’s over 180 years old, many people still practice the art of cyanotyping today. Want to learn?

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Review of Blueprint to cyanotypes
Get the how-to book: Blueprint to cyanotypes – Exploring a historical alternative photographic process


Cyanotype Notes - Document your cyanotype process
Learn from your own experience by using a notebook Cyanotype notes – Document your cyanotype process


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Cyanotype galleries
Cyanotype galleries full with artists sharing their cyanotype prints


WCD 2020 - 265 artists from 50 countries
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Anna Atkins calendar undatedHang a cyanotype on the wall and get inspired for the full by our cyanotype calendar


Anna Atkins undated yearly plannerFind beautiful inspiration in our Anna Atkins tribute journal



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