Calculators for the darkroom

Photographic dilusions calculator

Calculator: Dilute a dilution – turn a 12% solution into a 3% solution

A calculator for diluting a solution to get the required strength – a calculator for photographic chemicals for the darkroom. For example the recipe you are using says you need a citric acid with 10% strength, but the one you have is a 50% concentrate. How do you dilute it to the strength you need? Use the Dilution calculator below to dilute calculate how to mix the solution to the … Read more

Photographic dilusions calculator

Calculator: Photographic chemical dilution – mix a 1/32 solution

If you have a photographic chemical solution you want to dilute to for example 1/32, where there is one part solution and 32 parts water, this calculator will help you work out how much solution to add and how much water to add? Use the Photographic chemical dilution calculator below. This Photographic chemical calculator requires you to have a solution that is 100% pure that needs diluting, if you have … Read more