Interviews with photographers and people working in alternative photographic processes

Interviews with photographers, artists, and people behind business working with alternative photographic processes.

This was Anthotype Day 2022…

The FIRST EVER World Anthotype Day is now over, and I must say it was a success! We really hope you enjoyed it too! 100+ artists (!!!) from 31 countries…

Foundation for Photographic Preservation

An interview with Ben Garfinkle, President of the Foundation for Photographic Preservation. FfPP is an online resource for collections with artistic, historic, or cultural values that are in jeopardy of…

Platinotype by Pradip Malde and Mike Ware

Platinotype: Making Photographs in Platinum and Palladium with the Contemporary Printing-out Process is the complete book on Platinotypes with the work of 40 artists using the platinotype. Read the interview…

Interview with pinhole photographer Edward Levinson

Nancy Breslin’s interview with photographer Edward Levinson, with the focus on pinholes and his digital pinhole project Spots of Light in Tokyo. Writer Nancy Breslin, photography / Edward Levinson Nancy…

Calvin Grier – a master carbon printer and teacher

Anthony Mournian’s portrait of Calvin Grier a master carbon printer, from starting a Carbon printing service, his art and his eBook “Calibration for Alternative Photographic Processes” where we learn to…

World Cyanotype Day – how it all started

Photography / db Dennis Waltrip, Melanie Walker, Kimberly Chiaris and Paula Riff World Cyanotype Day is a yearly event that takes place the last Saturday in September. It came about…

Angie Brockey – making wet plate jewellery

You may have seen her jewellery on Etzy, Facebook or other places. Angie Brockey makes unique art jewellery using the wet plate collodion technique. Photography / Angie Brockey Interviewer /…

Judy Seigel

Judy Seigel’s daughter Jessica is sharing this obituary with us. Rest in Peace Judy, you will be sorely missed. Writer and photography / Jessica Seigel Dear AltPhoto Friends, The AltPhoto…

A wonderful way to meet…

Bruce Campbell shares a story of how he used the community on to find photographer Alexander Tkachev who lives reasonably near by and share the same interest – alternative photographic processes. Heartwarming.

A large-format photography studio and darkroom inside a vintage camper

Katherine Fugit owns and operates a large-format photography studio and darkroom inside a vintage camper. She runs it with her husband Conan and call it Lamphouse Photo Co. Since last June they have been traveling around their hometown of Wichita, KS taking 4×5 black-and-white portraits with our Burke & James Saturn 75 camera and developing them by hand using a paper negative process, on-site in about 10 minutes.

Interview with Anthony Mournian

Anthony Mournian is the newsletter editor for the Photographers’ Formulary, he is also a granddad and took his grandson to China.

Interview with Joy Goldkind

Joy Goldkind took up photography at the age of 50. Here she talks about her bromoil work of dancers, geishas, and drag queens and how she found the bromoil process.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2010 with Ruben Fabbri

The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2010 took place on the 25th of April 2010. All over the world, pinheads grabbed their pinhole camera, and set out to document the day. Ruben Fabbri, aged 2 years and 3 months was probably the youngest participant of the event.

Interview with John Zokowski

John Zokowski represents a wholesale paper distributor – Butler-Dearden Paper, selling papers to artists and the alternative photographic process market.

Interview with Tom Miller

Tom Miller, one of the photgraphers behind the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day talks about the event and his own pinhole obsession.

Interview with Malin Fabbri

Robert Schaefer interviews Malin Fabbri, recently after the publication of the beginners guide to cyanotypes: Blueprint to Cyanotypes.