World Cyanotype Day

WCD 2020 - 265 artists from 50 countries

World Cyanotype Day 2024 gallery – Theme will come

The 28th of September 2024 is World Cyanotype Day, read more here and on World Cyanotype Day’s official website. The theme of the year WILL COME SOON.  Get our Special Cyanotype Newsletter to get notified PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE 2023 GALLERY, THE 2024 WILL COME IN SEPTEMBER 2024 Artists with a gallery on Artists that also have a gallery on will be displayed with a link to … Read more

All images from WCD 2023

World cyanotype day – last Saturday in September

Once a year the cyanotype gets special attention. Since 2015 the cyanotype is celebrated on the last Saturday in September in the yearly event World cyanotype Day (WCD for short). The next time is the 28th of September 2024. Subscribe to the Cyanotype Newsletter, and you will be notified. Beginner or seasoned cyanotyper, don’t hesitate to take part! How to take part in World Cyanotype Day 2024 – theme to … Read more

World Cyanotype Day 2021 - Rejuvenation

World Cyanotype Day 2021, 25th September – can it possibly get BIGGER?

The 25th of September 2021 is World Cyanotype Day. Last year there were 265 artists taking part here from 50 different countries. Can this year possibly get BIGGER? Well, start by preparing, you have plenty of time to really think of the theme and make something NEW, and the theme this year is “Rejuvenation”.  Enter your work in the gallery at There are many more ways to take … Read more

World Cyanotype Day – on the last Saturday of September

World Cyanotype started in 2015, and was created by the artists of shootapalooza. The official celebration day is always the last Saturday of September. There are several events taking place over the world, here are a few – if you know of more let us know. Contribute with your own work, or if you don’t practice it yourself, you can enjoy the other artists’ work. Here are some links to … Read more