Calendar event: The theme is Composites! Open for entries!

Announcing our next Calendar & Journal event – enter your best print! Our first calendar,  journal & planner event was such a nice event and we are holding it again this year – the added benefit is that we also have really inspiring planning tools for the entire year! See the images in the gallery

Get ready!

We have a theme!

Announcing the theme for our next Calendar and Journal event! First, thank you ALL who suggested themes and voted for their favourite! It was a close call, but we now have a theme:
Composites: A composite is the combination of two materials to create a new one that is for example stronger or lighter. In terms of what we do it could be some examples (but not an exclusive list):

  • Combining different materials, chemistry or art forms into one
  • Multiple exposures on the same print in the artistic expression
  • Combining images into a collage of images or artistic concepts
  • Replacing part of an image with something else
  • Merging two ideas into a stronger one
  • Combining an alternative process with other materials or techniques.
  • Using two processes to add a quality to the final result such as Palladium prints with Cyanotypes.
  • Use ANY alternative photographic process
  • Use ANY combination of things, materials, processes

So, time to get creative! Of course ANY alternative process is allowed!

Take part

We will open for entries to Supporting Members on the 1st of February – 31st of March to take part. Winners will be selected by voting (yes, you can vote for the winners!)

Anna Atkins tribute journal 2024 - Week starting Monday
The Anna Atkins tribute journal for 2024his is the idea:

Any profits from sales of the calendar will as usual contribute towards the costs of running

How to send in your entry for the 2025 calendar, journal & planner event

Details on how to enter – follow all steps. open 1st of February – 31st of March 2024.

You email us your entry to and an entry consists of:

  1. Reading through the Terms & Conditions
  2. Send 1 image

Entries in the wrong format may not be entered. Do make our lives a little easier by following all of these steps, please. 🙂 We expect many entries so we simply don’t have time to format and edit.

Read through the Terms and Conditions – mandatory!

  • Read ALL of the Terms and Conditions here
  • By submitting your work you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions on the link above.
  • By entering your work to our Calendar, Journal & Planner event, your work may be included on our website and book, but we reserve the right not to include it. Submission is no guarantee of publication. There is no guarantee there will be a calendar, journal or planner, this is dependent on the response. By entering you grant permission for your image to be used. There will be no monetary compensation if your work is published you will receive full credit (and a lot of exposure).

The print – No NUDES, AI or “normal” photography…

The same rules apply for the book as for the website, please note that:

  • we don’t accept nude photography, even if they are done in a very tasteful manner. We don’t like too many rules, but the reason is that these may be used in education that includes educational institutions and cultures where nudity is offensive.
  • we don’t accept AI-generated images. The image should be made by YOU and not a prompt and some algorithms. 
  • we only accept alternative process photography. If you are unsure, take a look at our definition of alternative photographic processes.
  • Icon resize images square 2500the print should be with the theme “Composites” (Combining images from separate sources, replacing selected parts of an image, multiple exposures or collages of images. You can also combine different processes and materials. A composite is two or more thing combined into a new thing).
  • Scan the print and resize it large enough to print: 2500 pixels LONGEST SIDE is recommended. Name the file as follows: “Name Surname-Title Of Image.jpg” for example “Joanne Smith-Summer Bliss.jpg”. If you can’s scan your image, here is an article on how to do this with your phone.

Now you are ready to send the image to us:

  • Send your name, country and title of the image, for example: Johanna Smith, Canada, Flowers in Spring
  • Describe how your image is a composite in a few short sentences – 20-40 words is a good length. Include how the images is a composite, and also tell us which paper or material you printed on.
  • Include any social media links such as Facebook and Instagram and/or website.
  • Send it all in an email to or include a text file in the file transfer, but the text in an email is easiest.
  • We may or may not publish the work on our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. If you have included your tags we will include them.
  • When we receive your entry, you will get a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation within a week, check with us at since it may have gotten stuck in the spam folder.

We hope you take part in our Calendar & Journal event

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