Cyanotype by Hiske Dooper

Hiske Dooper

Hiske Dooper, a modern dance teacher and PSYCH-K® Facilitator in Arnhem, discovered cyanotype photography during the 2020 lockdown. She enjoys…

Alfa Chemistry. New York. USA. Ship to USA

Supply chemicals for alternative photographic printing processes, including: Sensitizer, Palladium, Gelatin,  Oil soluble ZnSe/ZnS Quantum Dots fluorescence, 101-5 Colin Dr, Holbrook, NY 11741 Tel: 1-516-734-6573 Email: Web:

The Entries for World Anthotype Day 2023

Call for entries: World Anthotype Day 2024, opening on the 1st – 17th of August

The initiative of World Anthotype Day was started here by us, and the first event took place 2022. This will now (hopefully) be an annual event on the 3rd Saturday in August. It is a global event, and everyone who is an experienced or aspiring anthotyper is invited to take part.  We are very excited to announce that the THIRD World Anthotype Day will take place this year on the … Read more

Duotone cyanotypes #6 – Print the first layer

Part 6 in Matthew Bary’s series Duotone cyanotype with detailed instructions for the penultimate step in the due-tone cyanotype process, including preparing bleach and toning solutions, exposing the print, developing, bleaching, and toning the paper. Writer and photography / Matthew Bary A continuation from the previous article Duotone cyanotypes #5 – Shrink the paper. Text Making the first layer!   This is the second to final step for this due tone … Read more

Caroline Roberts Cyanotype

Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts explores the relationship between people and nature through camera-less processes. Her work, marked by chaos and control, reflects climate grief and wonder. With a background in Chemical Engineering and an MFA in Painting, she exhibits internationally and manages a riparian forest in Texas. From: Houston, Texas, United States Shows: Chemigrams, Cyanolumens Caroline Roberts explores the uneasy relationship between people and the wildness of the rat world. She thinks … Read more

Boil water and pour over

Duotone cyanotypes #5 – Shrink the paper

Part 5 in Matthew Bary’s series Duotone cyanotype shows how to prepare watercolor paper for printing due-tone cyanotypes, by shrinking the paper, coating it with cyanotype chemicals, and drying it thoroughly.  Writer and photography / Matthew Bary Once you have printed the negative as in Duotone cyanotypes #4 – Print the negative it is time to shrink the paper. In this section we are going to shrink the paper and … Read more

Platinum print by Jurgen Estanislao

Jurgen Estanislao

Jurgen Estanislao, an ultra-large format photographer, specialises in fine art platinum prints. With a background in product design and visual ergonomics, his introspective style captures fleeting moments, inviting reflection and emotional engagement. He prioritises clarity in messaging, believing creativity enhances its impact. From: Manila, Philippines Shows: Platinum prints Jurgen Estanislao is an ultra-large format photographer focused on perpetually mastering his practice in making fine art platinum prints. With a robust … Read more

Light rider studios logo

Light Rider Studios – communal darkroom, Oregon, USA

Community darkroom & digital studio space . Also Supplies ; alt processes kits, alt process printing services,  & lessons ; film & processing , scanning, printing, etc. Website : Adress: Light Rider Studios, 2150 NE Conifer Blvd Corvallis, OR 97330, USA Email : Phone: 541-602-4342 Shipping: We are mostly local as it’s mostly hands on but we have alt processes kits we can ship & artists’ work & … Read more

The cover is a collage composed of a photogravure layered with anthotype, cyanotype and kallitype by Jen Perena.

Composites journal – alternative processes

The composites of alternative photographic processes journal is a daily planner and contains both pre-defined pages and blank pages for you to plan your year. The templates are there to help you focus on your art projects as well as get a balance with work, home and everything else that happens in life.   Composites journal – A fusion of moments, visions and techniques from 60 artists Inspirational journal featuring … Read more

Salt print by Paige Billin-Frye

Paige Billin-Frye

Paige Billin-Frye, an artist and photographer based in Washington, DC, delves into 19th-century photo processes like cyanotypes and salt prints, often toning them with plants from her yard. She intertwines her interests in illustration, hand-bookbinding, and urban landscapes into her work. From: Washington, DC, USA Shows: Cyanotypes and Salt prints Paige Billin-Frye is an artist, photographer, illustrator and hand-bookbinder living in Washington, DC. She began printing photos when she was … Read more

Dry the negatives

Duotone cyanotypes #4 – Print the negatives

Part 4 in Matthew Bary’s series on duotone cyanotype provides instructions for printing negatives using various Canon printers and transparency film. It includes details on printer settings, ink choices, and the printing process for both cyan and magenta + yellow negatives. Writer and photography / Matthew Bary Once you have created a negative Duotone cyanotypes #3 – Make negatives using GIMP you can print the negatives. It may seem odd to … Read more

Testing palladium papers

It’s big… it’s huge… it’s The MASSIVE paper chart for alternative processes

Is “massive” as in a massive paper chart for alternative photographic processes an exaggeration? No, more of an understatement. Christina Z. Anderson has run countless tests on any paper she could lay her hands on and is generously sharing her findings in a free version. To recoup some of the thousands of dollars spent on testing – as well as getting all the details – you can get the full … Read more

Rebus 14

Photography rebus 14

Rebus time! Can you figure out the word? Ok, so the first image may be a little tricky, pretend it’s a door. Comment below (no cheating looking at the comments now!)

Brighness negative

Duotone cyanotypes #3 – Make negatives using GIMP

Part 3 in Matthew Bary’s series Duotone cyanotype is a detailed guide for creating cyanotype negatives using Gimp software. It covers steps for flipping images, adjusting colors, adding registration marks, separating images into color components, applying curves, and exporting negatives for cyanotype printing. Writer and photography / Matthew Bary Lets start with a picture we want to use based on the previous step Duotone cyanotypes #2 – Pick your subject. … Read more

Lumen print by Stig Marlon Weston

Stig Marlon Weston

Stig Marlon Weston, a photographer from Oslo, Norway, has over 25 years of experience in analog photography, emphasizing alternative processes to explore the connection between subject and image. His work, showcased internationally, focuses on landscape photography and experimental techniques. Weston also manages CYAN studio and initiated the Nordic Analog Network. From: Oslo, Norway Shows: Chemigrams, Lumen prints and Silver gelatin Photograms Stig Marlon Weston studied professional photography right before digital … Read more

Composites calendar inside monday

Composite calendar – alternative processes

Our Composite calendar features 12 beautiful images in alternative processes. There are 2 versions available wide or tall with various shipping options. Wide format coming soon!   Composite calendar – 2025 – TALL format Order to USA and Canada: 2025 week starting Monday 2025 week starting Sunday Ledger (11 x 16.5″) size 37 USD Wire with hook top Order to Europe, Asia and Rest of the World: 2025 week starting … Read more

image with white border

Duotone cyanotypes #2 – Pick your subject

Part 2 in Matthew Bary’s series Duotone cyanotype about choosing subjects for cyanotype printing and considering the limitations of the duotone cyanotype process. With two-layer cyanotypes, color options are restricted, favoring black, white, brown, red, or blue hues. Writer and photography / Matthew Bary Following on from Duotone cyanotypes #1 – Many failed attempts, the first thing to note for the duotone cyanotype process is that only using two layers … Read more