Cyanotype day – the very first one – September 19th 2015

September 19, 2015 has been designated World Cyanotype Day 2015. Because this is the very first WCD, we are asking you to participate during the entire month of September.

We have selected a project, Cyanotype Prayer Flags. Your cyanotype flags may contain prayers, or wishes, or thoughts, or thank yous, or art.

Please make cyanotype prayer flags all during the month of September, The first Cyanotype day.

And then, when the month is over, string the prayer flags together, hang them somewhere for the wind to make your flags dance, and then photograph the installation. PLEASE post your photograph to Instagram with the hashtag, #WWCD2015. (Note, there are two Ws in the tag.)

We would like to know three things, 1. Where you live, 2. How many flags are in your strand, and 3. How long (in yards or meters) your strand is.

Thank you for participating!


1 thought on “Cyanotype day – the very first one – September 19th 2015”

  1. World Cyanotype Day should not have a theme. WPPD has done quite well without themes. If a theme is used, it should not be religious in nature. I don’t use Instagram, so I guess I won’t enter.

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