Alternative /Historic Photographic Process Private Classes at Scully & Osterman Studio

Scully & Osterman offer private tutorials, workshops and advanced classes year-round in their skylight studio in Rochester, New York in wet and dry-plate collodion, albumen and salt printing & other early photographic processes.

Tutorials are personalized to meet the needs of the artist-photographer with formats ranging from 1/9 plates to 11 x 14 inches (and other mammoth sizes) in the studio, traveling darkroom and/or on location.

Lessons include ambrotypes, tintypes, negatives for developing-out paper (silver gelatin or “modern” paper), orotones and ambrotypes in camera and in the enlarger; also printing processes including salt, albumen, photogenic drawing, chromatype, cyanotype printing papers, and more. Have a process request? Please ask.

Advanced tutorials are also personalized but may include: making negatives for printing-out paper (salt, albumen, photogenic drawing, chromatype, cyanotype…), making collodion interpositives, and use of special formats.

Included by request for any class are mixing chemicals, troubleshooting, honing skills, plus how to buy cameras and lenses.

The cost of a private class is $650 per day plus chemicals (at cost). To schedule contact: France Scully Osterman at

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