French photographers

Nina Adler Cyanotype

Nina Adler

Nina Adler, a self-taught photographer, born in Denmark, but lives in France takes photographs from her travels and prints them in the cyanotype or vandyke process or makes xerox liths of them. From: Montcuq, South West France Born: Denmark Shows: Cyanotypes, Vandykes and Xerox lithography. Nina Adler is a Danish-born self-taught photographer who chose to live in a village in … Read more

Sophie Gotti Handcoloured Cyanotype

Sophie Gotti

Sophie Gotti is working in handcoloured cyanotypes, she lives in France and has been exploring alternative photography for the last 15 years. From: Marseille, France. Shows: Handcolored cyanotypes. Sophie Gotti is a French photographer living in the south of France. She became interested in alternative processes 15 years ago and started out working in Polaroid and FUJI films and LOMO … Read more

Fabien Cayere

Fabien Cayere

Fabien Cayere from the Basque area in France, shares his Gum bichromates printed on wood, sometimes with pinhole, sometimes hand coloured. From: Anglet (South west France), Basque Country, France. Shows: Gum bichromates, pinholes, hand coloured. Fabien Cayere lives near Biarritz in the French basque country and near the Atlantic ocean. He learn argentic process during his graphic design study in … Read more