Stéphanie Marseille

Stéphanie Marseille photographer

Stéphanie Marseille, a French craftswoman explores cyanotypes using flora to express herself. Using washi paper she turns her work into lampshades.
From: Ermont, France.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Stéphanie Marseille is a French artist and craftswoman, living near Paris. Once a freelance journalist, she used to love listening to people and writing their stories. Now, she happily explores the magic of cyanotypes to create a dream world, where plants and flowers from her garden substitute words, in order to mesmerize the viewers. Self-taught, Stéphanie is quite keen on trying out as many techniques as she can. Her papers of choice are washi, the traditional Japanese hand-made papers. They help enhance the beauty of the pieces, once she turns them into lampshades.

When Stéphanie Marseille comes upon a plant, she cannot help but wonder:

“Shall I eat it? Drink it? Turn it into fiber or hand-made paper? Or use it for a cyanotype?”

Stéphanie Marseille’s garden, therefore, plays a very meaningful role in her artistic approach. It acts both as a source of inspiration and a pantry, or a toolbox, so to speak.

More about Stéphanie Marseille:

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