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Nina Adler photographer

Nina Adler, a self-taught photographer, born in Denmark, but lives in France takes photographs from her travels and prints them in the cyanotype or vandyke process or makes xerox liths of them.
From: Montcuq, South West France
Born: Denmark
Shows: Cyanotypes, Vandykes and Xerox lithography.

Nina Adler is a Danish-born self-taught photographer who chose to live in a village in S.W. France 20 years ago. She is using digital cameras for her travelling and street photos taken around the world, and since 2007 she has been exhibiting regularly in France and participated in several photo festivals.

A few years ago Nina Adler started experimenting with alternative printing procedures – to get away from the too « smooth », too perfect images she had produced until then. In Venice she discovered the Xerox lithography (using a B/W laser photocopy as a simple print plate). Later on she got hooked on Cyanotypes and during the recent Covid confinement in France, having found a perfect 10 years old recipe by Wynn White on this site, she started experimenting with Vandyke prints. She likes the fact that all these alternative procedures will never produce any two similar prints. Every print comes out different and even errors might sometimes turn out just wonderful.

“I love the «slow cooking » feeling of working with alternative printing and the excitement of discovering every new handmade print.”

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