Sophie Gotti

Portrait of Sophie Gotti

Sophie Gotti is working in handcoloured cyanotypes, she lives in France and has been exploring alternative photography for the last 15 years.
From: Marseille, France.
Shows: Handcolored cyanotypes.

Sophie Gotti is a French photographer living in the south of France. She became interested in alternative processes 15 years ago and started out working in Polaroid and FUJI films and LOMO cameras. She worked for many years exclusively with her HOLGA camera (120 mm). 3 years ago, she trained in cyanotype print process and has since done several exhibitions of her toned Cyanotype Prints, toned with Tea Tannings.
Today, Sophie Gotti develops mixed media with watercolor paintings and gold leaf decorations.

“Alternative photography is my poetic vision of reality.”

Contact Sophie Gotti

  • Email: sophie.gotti (at)
  • Website
  • Instagram: La_Gotti

The series are self-portraits and called “Paysages intimes”. The technique used is cyanotypes, toned with black tea and colorized with watercolor painting, sometimes also gold leaf.

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