Fabien Cayere

Fabien Cayere from the Basque area in France, shares his Gum bichromates printed on wood, sometimes with pinhole, sometimes hand coloured.
From: Anglet (South west France), Basque Country, France.
Shows: Gum bichromates, pinholes, hand coloured.

Fabien Cayere lives near Biarritz in the French basque country and near the Atlantic ocean. He learn argentic process during his graphic design study in 1992. Fabien spends most of his time in his workshop experimenting with processes(transfer, old process, resin… collodion pinhole camera polaroid)

Fabien Cayere was born in 1970, he lives in Basque country near the ocean. Fabien discovered the alternative photographic processes by reading books during his graphic design study.

He has spent a large part of his life working with many different processes, like Polaroid transfers, pinhole, super 8, gum bichromate and salted paper prints.

Most parts of his gum bichromate prints are enlarge Polaroid, in the size of 50 x 50 cm.

Fabien is known in the Basque Country for his bronze sculptures realized with the lost wax technique.


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