Alternative Processes Condensed by Christina Z. Anderson

A Manual of Gum Dichromate and Other Contact Printing Processes.

There is a completely new new revision with an extensive gum section, click here to get to the new book.

From the author of “Experimental Photography Workbook” comes yet another manual packed full of information.

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Revised edition! Includes a chapter on Solarplates at no extra cost!

A new chapter has been added – Photopolymer Gravure. If you are a printmaker and have access to an etching press, this chapter is for you! Photopolymer Gravure is one contact printing process that is too much fun to pass up, and the chapter will give you a short and sweet introduction into what I have learned from much trial and error and many books.

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Alternative Processes Condensed, A Manual of Gum Dichromate and Other Contact Printing Processes covers argyrotypes, cyanotypes, gum (including tricolor over cyanotype) ziatypes, platinums, palladiums, van dyke browns, kallitypes, salted papers, and “combotypes”. It can be used as a teaching manual as it is “short and sweet but thorough”. It has 121 pages, plus 8 color pages.

Introduction from Christina Z. Anderson:

This manual is a super-condensed compilation of research through books and journals and now the internet from the beginning of photography (texts from the 1850’s) to current times. It includes trade secrets as well as all my personal experience and failures. Since I have been blessed to have “friends in high places” – in the alt world, anyway – their advice is peppered throughout. The chapter on Gum Printing is more extensive than the rest because that happens to be my personal favorite.

Since large format negatives are necessary for all the processes herein, I recommend wholeheartedly the Precision Digital Negatives book by Mark Nelson as a companion to this manual. I believe in this book enough to completely revise this manual from its first incarnation and delete each chapter’s recommendations for matching traditional negatives to the process at hand. With Mark’s book the reader will learn how to create custom curves to match each negative perfectly to the characteristic curve of each process – no more laborious darkroom work! With state of the art digital negatives, alternative processes have come into their own.

About Christina

Christina Z. Anderson is Assistant Professor of Photography and Photo Option Coordinator at Montana State University, Bozeman, where she specializes in alternative and experimental process photography. She has authored three books: Tutti Nudi, Reflections on the Reemergence of the Nude during the Italian Renaissance, The Experimental Photography Workbook, and Alternative Processes, Condensed.

In the works is a comprehensive book on the history and practice of gum printing. Anderson’s alternative process works have been published in The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, 2nd Edition, Photographic Possibilities, 3rd Edition, PhotoTechnique Magazine, the British Journal of Photography, and Silvershotz and exhibited in over 65 shows in 22 states as well as Puerto Rico, China, Belgium, England, and New Zealand. Her web address is

Feedback on Alternative Processes Condensed:

“The book arrived in a timely fashion and the purchasing process was perfecly transparent (10/10). The book, “Alternative Processes Condensed” by Christina Z. Anderson more than filled my expectations. One minor criticism however; I would have liked to have seen more European product suppliers included but that’s minor (10/10). Well done!”

– David Hatton

“I have found it very helpful with tips and tricks that was just what I needed to get a few things right. I also appreciate the fact that Christina Anderson says what needs to be said without rambling on just to fill space.”

– Jörgen Green

“The book arived lightning fast from Montana to the Low Countries and is a great read. Excellent information, very accurate and written in a humorous and easy to read style.”

-Kees Brandenburg

“An excellent book.”

-Brian C. Winters

“Exactly what I was looking for.”

-Sharon Abrial

“I am very impressed with the contents and will be purchasing other printed material via this site.”

-Petronella Fielding

Feedback on Christina’s delivery:

“Received the book without a problem – thanks for the great service. The book looks wonderful. I have not used it yet, but it looks well organized and full of important details that will make the alternative process easy.”

– Jackie Stoken

“On time and well packaged.”

– Roman Sokoler

“The book arrived quickly and in excellent condition.”

– Tanya Braunstein

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  1. Dear Christina,

    I do translations from English into Portuguese, texts in English using Google, it would be convenient if you had scanned their books on CD’s / DVD. Would it be possible? I could buy files?
    I’m from São Paulo-Brazil and deeply appreciate your articles … congratulations
    With all good wishes,

  2. I liked the book very much. When I dont´know something or if I forget some detail about the process, I go to the book and read again. Every time I learn something new from the book.
    After I bought the book I had the opportunity to be in Christina´s class at Penland School of Arts. It was wonderful!
    Jandora Jakobson from Brazil

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