A Non-Silver Manual by Sarah Van Keuren

Read the entire book here for free! A Non-Silver Manual by Sarah Van Keuren: Cyanotype, Vandyke brown, Palladium & Gum Bichromate with instructions for making light-resists including pinhole photography. No longer for sale, but free to download – scroll down! Third Edition, 2004

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Sarah Van Keuren, author of A Non-Silver Manual, has decided, at the age of 67, to stop publishing her manual. Sarah says:

“I wish to make the experience of 30 years of teaching certain non-silver processes available, free of charge, to anyone who might find it useful. Malin Fabbri has generously offered to format the text for her excellent website.”

Malin Fabbri adds:

“Sarah Van Keuren’s very well researched and invaluable book “A Non-Silver Manual” is published here in full, chapter by chapter, so that we all can keep on using and learning from her collected experience. This is a true gift to the alt. proc. community. Thank you Sarah!”

A Non-Silver Manual

Cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, Palladium & Gum Bichromate with instructions for making light-resists including pinhole photography


Book description

This manual is intended to reinforce and supplement classroom instruction but may also assist artists outside the classroom who are already committed to working in non-silver processes. It originates from a collection of handouts that were written for non-silver students at The University of the Arts (formerly the Philadelphia College of Art). The creation of this manual was supported by four Venture Fund grants from UArts. Explicit descriptions of processes are not put forth as the way but rather as a way that has worked for the author and her students. Some former students continued to work in non-silver and most generously contributed the fruits of their labors to this new revised, reformatted, greatly expanded 3rd edition of A Non-Silver Manual.

About the author

Sarah Van Keuren is an Adjunct Professor in the Fine Arts Department of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she has been teaching in Printmaking since 1980. She majored in art history at Swarthmore College in the 1960’s. In the l970’s she studied printmaking at the Philadelphia College of Art with an emphasis on lithography. During that time she also learned silver photography and a number of non-silver processes. In l988 she received an MFA in Photography from the University of Delaware. She has taught workshops in gum, cyanotype and pinhole in the U.S. and abroad. She is represented by Schmidt Dean Gallery in Philadelphia. In 2002 Van Keuren was named Honored Educator by the Society for Photographic Education Mid-Atlantic Region. In 2003 she was given the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching at The University of the Arts.

Feedback on the book

“When I ran out of ideas in a workshop last autumn I picked up A non-silver manual, and never regretted it. Now my classes are much more interesting, and much more well-attended!”

Spike McGee.

“Anything that comes out of Sarah is excellent, and her students from the last 25 years better realize how lucky they are to have a professor such as she is.”

Christina Z. Anderson, Assistant Professor, Photo Option Coordinator, Montana State University.

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