The Book of Carbon and Carbro

by Sandy King


Carbon Transfer Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Featuring Contemporary Carbon Printers and Their Creative Practice

Carbon Transfer Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Featuring Contemporary Carbon Printers and Their Creative Practice

by Sandy King, Don Nelson and John Lockhart

Reviews the extensive history of carbon transfer and related pigment processes.


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A working guide to making carbon and carbro prints, including detailed instructions on making carbon tissue and final support papers. Carbon is in the opinion of many the most beautiful of all photographic print-making processes and the author of this manual is one of the leading authorities on carbon printing in the world.

Highly recommended.

  • Spiral bound
  • 125 pages

Feedback on “The Book of Carbon and Carbro”:

“Sandy King is the guru of the subject matter.”

– Kriss Gunderson

“The book was delivered quickly and appears to be very substantive.”

– Steven Lewis

“Everything went very smooth, the book was sent directly by Sandy King, its contents are excellent.”

– Oliver Gerard

“I’m only 15 pages into and already I can see where I can make huge improvements to my Carbon prints.”

– Kendrick Mauser

“A great resource and I can’t wait to find the time to try out the process.”

– Kris Haggblom

“I was pleased with both the book, the shipping, and the price.”

– Howard Barron

“I have received “The Book of Carbon and Carbro” in good order and I am pleased with the book. Doing business with Alternative Photography was a pleasure and I look forward to future dealings.”

-Gary A Bruno, Large format photographer

“The book provided excellent information.”

-Kees Brandenburg

“Its very good indeed. It was purchased through a system that worked well and it has arrived here in southern Australia only a few weeks after purchase.”

-Dennis Wild

“It is a very useful book. All you need to know for making Carbon prints.”

-Burkhard Brinker

“The notes are quite straightforward and usable. Extensive notes on film originating in inkjet printers would be very useful.”

-Dennis Wild

“Prior to reading this book I had absolutely no knowledge of carbon printing. This has been a wonderful resource.”

– Harry Staab

“Sandy is a first rate guy and I know him through many online photography forums and is very approachable if I have any questions.”

– Matthew Levek

“Sandy is an international treasure. His contribution to the photographic arts will be long remembered.”

– Greg Lockrey

“Excellant historic info – and very well referenced (a problem with many alt books) Simple and easy to follow. Well done Sandy!”

– Earl Johnson

“What a great looking body of work he has put together. Thanks for your help and pass on my compliments to Sandy!”

– L. Byron Ellenburg

“Nice balance of historical info and “how to.” The “how to” part is excellent, and I thank you for many details that are not in other contemporary sources.”

– Juudy Rowe Taylor

“I slurped down the entirety of Sandy King’s Book of Carbon and Carbro in just a few days after having received it. It was very clearly written; a positively easy read. I eagerly await later passes through the book as I get myself setup for carbon printing.”

– John Whitley

“Very informative book. Sandy King lays the process out so that it is very easily understood.”

– Andrew O’Neill

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  1. Please post a notice here when you get the re-print done. Though I’m in Puerto Rico, it is part of the US and I have a USPS PO Box so no problem. PLEASE! I really need to get a copy of your book. Roberto

  2. A great reference book on carbon printing, the experience of the author surely made my learning curve much faster.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. I love this book and have read it many times. I highly recomend this work for enyone interested in CArbon printing.

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