25% discount on ALL Routledge books

Our affiliate partner Routledge is doing an End of year sale, 20% off, BUT for us, there is a 5% extra discount, using the code AFFLT5 and the link: The sale is site wide on full-price books and runs from 7th December until 23rd of January, so take the opportunity to get the books you need. The discount applies … Read more

Buy nothing day

Buy Nothing Day 2022

Get a free book or two on Buy Nothing Day – or any other day of the year. No need to buy anything. No need to commit to anything. No strings attached. It’s just free. In the name of Buy nothing day 2022 which happens to be the same day as Black Friday, the 25th of November, we would like … Read more

3 anthotype books

We now have 3 books on Anthotypes – enough to inspire someone?

Once you most likely felt that spark of inspiration, the one that initiated your creative process. Why not inspire someone else to get creative? We now have 3 anthotype books that may just be the perfect gift for someone? Or maybe for yourself! Anthotypes – Make photographs using plants   This book will show you how it is done, and … Read more

Anthotype notes

Do you document your anthotypes?

Watch the video to see how we document our anthotypes, in the same format as used for World Anthotype Day. Read more about the Anthotype Notebook or get your copy. Using this notebook, or another to document your anthotypes means you learn from your prints and experience. It also means that if you are taking part in World Anthotype Day … Read more

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1

New release! Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1 – hot off the press!

It’s finally here, the book from World Anthotype Day 2022! Anthotype Emulsion, Volume 1 features over 100 artists using 60 different anthotype emulsions. The artists contributed with inspiring anthotypes and also shared their process, all compiled in this book. Available now, both in eBook, paperback. And if you are looking for a present, or simply for your own collection – … Read more

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1 – NEW BOOK!

by Malin Fabbri First book in the series from World Anthotype Day Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1 – The collective research from photographers on World Anthotype Day 2022. “Dedicated artists from all over the world experiment and contribute their valuable discoveries page by page. The beauty is alluring, and the possibilities are endless.” Peter J. Blackburn. $12.00 Download eBook (PDF) directly. … Read more

Anthotype notebook

Anthotype notes – Document your anthotype process

by Malin Fabbri Buy the anthotypes notebook here – published by NEW 2022! This notebook contains pre-defined pages with enough room to document 50 anthotypes. Rated 10 – based on 2 votes $00.00 Download printable eBook (PDF) directly. Free for Supporting Members – become a member and email If you are already a member, email us and we’ll … Read more

Galina Manikova book

Cyanotype on glass and ceramics – e-book by Galina Manikova

by Galina Manikova Buy “Cyanotype on glass and ceramics” directly from Galina Manikova $60   for e-book.   Why buy it here? When you choose the option to buy directly from the author, the book is shipped by the author ensuring most of the money goes to the author.   Galina’s first edition of the book.   Customer rating: Not yet … Read more

From pinhole to print

Pinhole day book offer! 20% off

24th of April is World Pinhole Day 2022. We celebrate with an offer of 20% off the book From Pinhole To Print. Read more about From Pinhole to Print Read a review of the book Get 20% discount on this link