Diffusion magazine – unconventional photography, volume I, 2009

Diffusion magazine
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From Blue Mitchell, the editor of Diffusion magazine

It seems every week learn of a newspaper or magazine that is going under, most likely due to increased reliance on the internet, coupled with current economic problems. Unfortunately, am probably part of the problem. Outside of public radio in the morning, turn to the internet for my daily news. The internet also host a plethora of art related resources, making art appreciation more accessible. do however find myself annoyed with the limitations of this online art world. To me photography is visceral. It can not be bound by a monitor and mouse clicks – it is best showcased in a tangible form. Don’t get me wrong, have immensely enjoyed curating for the virtual gallery platestopixels.com. This magazine would probably not be possible without my experiences and the outstanding response to the Plates to Pixels gallery. The main problem have come across in the online world of art is that would like to have hard-copies of magazines, books and images that can grasp with my fingers.

Diffusion is born out of a longing to create something palpable as well as enticing, educational, and hopefully entertaining. have a keen interest as an artist – and art consumer – in photographers that push the boundaries and limitations of traditional photographic processes. Although surround myself with artwork from photographers that push these boundaries, have discovered, outside of physical exhibitions and online, that this type of photographic work is underrepresented in the modern photography magazine.

Diffusion is a compilation of articles, interviews, and images from artists and image-makers that coincide with this purpose. The magazine will be published annually, however, we will be producing special editions periodically that will focus more on specific themes and will not be limited to the photographic arts.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail and let me know what you think of the magazine and what you’d like to see in Diffusion’s next issue. Also, notice the “Next Issue – Call for Work” for more information on our purpose and the 2010 Group Showcase.

Thanks for reading and viewing, plus a big thank you to all the Diffusion contributors, this could not have happened without all your patience, incredible image-making, and exceptional writing abilities.


Diffusion focuses on unconventional photographic processes and photo related artwork. We encourage artists working in alternative processes, experimental darkroom derived work, low-fi/analog, as well as unique digital processes to submit work for review. We believe the print market is saturated with traditional photography and conventional digital photographic practices, therefore Diffusion showcase’s artists working with unusual photographic methods.

  • Published annually by One Twelve Publishing
  • 40 pages
  • Full color

Feedback on Diffusion magazine:

Avant-garde, breakthrough and innovative are just three adjectives that describe editor Blue Mitchell’s first foray into the world of fine art photography magazines. Diffusion magazine, tagged as unconventional photography delivers on just that. Volume 1 features the work of Jeffrey Baker, Pamela Petro, Tina Maas and Sika Stanton. With each artist giving you a glimpse into how photography forms an integral part of each of their creative journey. The first issue’s content is rounded out by Zeb Andrews’ and Dr. Mike Ware. Zeb Andrews’ peak through his pin-hole world is complimented by an array of his creations along with the 900 second exposure “Fun Center” as the show piece. And Dr. Mike unscrambles the history of iron-based photographic processes and the importance of the printmaker in the development of a fine art image.
At a time when we are seeing a mass migration to on-line publishing and on-line magazine hosting, the editorial team at Diffusion proves you can still deliver an outstanding hard-copy fine art photography magazine. I consumed my copy immediately with delight; now when is the next issue coming out?
Congratulations Blue!”

– Michael Van der Tol

“I am an art history student doing my MA thesis on the use of alt. photo processes in contemporary NZ art. Diffusion is really interesting-it’s existence indicates just how developed the revival of alt processes is internationally and how important the establishment of a sense of artistic community is for those active on the fringes of general practice. It’s really great to get a feel for what’s happening overseas as it provides me with a broader context in which to place the photographers working in NZ. Thanks, and I look forward to next year’s volume!”

– Chanelle

“I love the attitude and the creativity…”

– Celeste McKenzie

“A superb publication. Not your run of the mill magazine. Wish it was more than one issue per year. I would certainly subscribe to it.”

– Brian Iddon

“Excellent magazine, just what I’ve been looking for. I wish you luck with it!”

– Jim Sincock

“The magazine has certainly helped me to achieve a deeper insight into my motivation for starting my own journey into alternative processes.”

– John Roberts

“Wonderful publication long overdue! Looking forward to the next issue!”

– Jody Dole

“Well done. Wishing only for more frequent publication, maybe quarterly.”

– Doug Howk

“I was excited to see the wide variety of techniques being featured and the interviews with the artists. Diffusion is now my favourite photography magazine, and i will be ordering each new issue! Diffusion inspires me like no other magazine out there today.”

– Leslie Bastress

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