The newsletter survey

We asked you what you think about our newsletter. 300 of you replied before we closed the survey. Here is what you thought.

1. In the past year, have you read the newsletter?

Yes 97%
No 3%


2. How important is it to you that the newsletter is sent regularly?

Very important, please increase the frequency! 23%
Important, keep it like it is 53%
Quite important, read it most of the time 21%
Not important at all 3%

3. Which of the following statements is most accurate about this newsletter?

Read all of it33%
Read most of it49%
Read some of it18%

4. How do you typically get the newsletter?

In the mail at work27%
In the mail at home73%

5. Please rate the following topics and how much they interest you:

  Very much Somewhat Neutral Little Not at all
Workshops and exhibitions 41% 34% 17% 6% 2%
Articles on people working with alt. proc. 74% 22% 4% 0% 0%
Look at the work of new artists in the gallery 64% 32% 3% 1% 0%
Practical hands-on articles on the processes 86% 13% 1% 0% 0%
Articles on the history of photography 46% 38% 11% 5% 0%
Articles on general photography (framing, cutting matts etc.) 28% 40% 20% 11% 1%
Specialist books available in the shop 38% 41% 16% 5% 0%

6. What would you like to see more of?

Replies to specific comments

Make it in some more languages different of english….

How about some articles in Spanish like myself. I think it will increase the readers.
Yes, indeed it would, but no one that works on the site speaks Spanish, so it would be very hard for us to do.

More where traditional chemicals may be purchased-obtained
Here is a directory of where you can find chemicals.

More about the motivation of the different artists. More articles and readings about European artists.
Interesting, that’s how we did it in the AlternativePhotography: Art and Artists, edition 1. Each artist shows two images, and on one page there is a biography and on the other a quote on why the artist works in the specific process. Perhaps this book is for you?

Fine as you do it

Light painting, a process I have specialized now for some time.
Well, if you are a specialist, perhaps you can send us some information about the process for others to share?

Mixing of digital editing and Alternative processes.
Hmmm…. we have articles on digital negatives, if you mean manipulating photographs in photoshop before turning it into a negative, there are plenty of websites and books that will show you Photoshop techniques and other digital processes. We won’t be able to do everything on the site and will stick to alt. proc.

Paper types and paper selection for various alt. processes.
Yes, this is something we want to and it’s on our list. There is the Big Paper Survey you can read – and contribute too in the meantime.

Others experiences in various workshops…sort of an overview of what is covered in the workshop and a review of the good/bad instructor or experiences.
The workshop listings are done by each instructor/organizer of a workshop, it is up to them to add the info. There is usually an email or phone number you can use if you need more information.

Modern use of old techniques such as tintype.
Perhaps you mean Modern Tintypes?

Low-light and night work
I guess this is more a film-based issue, rather than an alt. proc. issue?

Links to people in the UK who are doing alt processes.
Click on Gallery –> European Artists —> Scroll down to “UK”.

Announcement of alt. print exchanges in the forum to reach more people
I am not sure how this would be sent to more people since the forum is limited to people registring. Any ideas?

More information on cyanotypes, anthotypes.
Click here for info on the Classic Cyanotype, Cyanotype II, Anothtype. The rest we’ll add to the list.

Less intensive chemicals that would fry my hands and lung off more than they are now. I love what people are doing with TINTYPE TODAY!! but if I have to use measured grams of 100 diff chemicals like the guy from yesterdays’ newsletter I can see it being able for me to do it now.
There is always the cyanotype process which is relatively safe, or the anthotype process which is totally safe.

As it is its very useful

You have a great site, the best on alt-processes in my book. I have purchased books from you.

More technical information, step by step directions on how to do the processes and more on digital negatives.
There are step-by-step instructions on lots of processes here.

UK chemical / paper / etc suppliers
Suppliers can be found in the Shop section, then use the left-hand nav to find the directory of suppliers you need.

Room for online discuission where members can pose questions and get feedback.
Perhaps the community is for you?

Things you wish for that we are adding to our todo list

We are constantly looking for people to write “recipes” not yet represented on the site or variations on existing ones or articles on topics relating to alternative photographic processes. Below are suggestions we’ll add to the list. And of course, if any of you out there are experts on a process and would like to write a step-by-step for the site, you’re very welcome to contact us!

  • Herschel’s Breath Process
  • How to articles on lith printing
  • masking
  • handtinting
  • effects of toning
  • at home darkroom techniques such as storage and usage of chemicals and methods for building approriate work space for alternative processing
  • the ‘English school’ (Cameron, Dodgson),and the ‘French school’ their equipment, cameras, lenses and special techniques
  • Equipment
  • Paper type and selection
  • Pinhole photography
  • photograms
  • alternative photo equipment such as lomo and cameraphones
  • camera builders featuring projects
  • making negatives, glass or otherwise
  • historical information

7. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree:

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
The newsletter helps me feel part of the alt. proc. community 32% 48% 19% 1% 0%
The newsletter is useful to me 38% 57% 5% 0% 0%
The newsletter is easy to read 42% 52% 6% 0% 0%
The newsletter reminds me to go back to check out the website 45% 42% 13% 0% 0%
The newsletter is professional 48% 44% 8% 0% 0%
The newsletter is informative 55% 43% 2% 0% 0%
The newsletter is visually pleasing 39% 44% 15% 2% 0%

8. Please add any comments you have for improving the newsletter:

Do you have a paper version of your newsletter? I would love to save them. So much good info to go back to on a regular basis.
No, no paper version is available, but if you click here there are links to all newsletters from the past.

I wish the articles came in a printable format to share with my alt process class.
I guess this can be done sometime in the future.

I would employ a designer to “spruce up” the face of the piece. Great content….a a little old-style looking as far as the design of the pages. THANK YOU
We’re currently doing work, much of it “behind the scenes” in the code to make the pages more compatible with all browsers and so that they will load faster. Perhaps a new design is next.

The website should grab a person’s attention. The newsletter needs some uplifting, perhaps, a photograph of the month. It needs a featured photographer and/or essay about the history of alternative printing. It needs features that are not so costly to get into so that the serious amateur can try something new without going into debt.
There are “Artists of the month” in each newsletter. We try catering for all ranges, professionals and amateurs and give “recipes” for the more expensive processes such as Pt/Pd as well as cheaper ones, like cyanotypes. Since the site is non-profit, no one gets paid to do work or write articles. We rely on visitors like yourself to contribute with articles and information. Hopefully, there will be some more of what you wish for coming our way in the future.

I love the “How To” articles and the artists that share the photos they create with the processes.

I would really like a regular source for various alternative process workshops across the country.
There are workshop listings in the forum, but as for “The country” the website is international and the listing will hopefully reflect this.

Maybe a listing of contests/opportunities/events that I could participate in to show my work would be nice.
We tried this in the past, but the response was very low. Perhaps we’ll try again.

General feedback

Keep ’em coming!

I never thought about the visually pleasing part, mostly I scan the newsletter and then put time in at the web site researching more about what was in the newsletter. Just keep it coming! Without it, I would lose touch with an aspect of photography that I very much enjoy.

Great job

…you do a good job!

Great work! Love it.

I can’t think of much in the way of improvement – I like it a lot and think that you put much work into it. If anything, the more photos the better! I own and operate a very small alternative photography studio in north-central Ohio. It is hard to get good information, and even harder to learn what others are doing in the field. Your site, and newsletter, help me and my students immensely. Thank you!

Keep up the great work!

Keep it coming!

Thank you – a super resource!

At times it is a bit cluttered, try not to put all info on “one” line

Toning down the terracotta colour of the page. It can be a little hard on the eyes

Thanks for your efforts. you’re doing excellent work! if I could change anything, it would be to increase the editorial content of the newsletter.

I am not interested in workshops and exhibitions and that I find the newsletter so easy to read.

I love it when I can go to a person’s gallery or site and see what body of works they have done. BUT I don’t feel as much a PART OF THE COMMUNITY because of the complex nature of thing and I have been doing photography since 1978 (sooner really) let develop more alternative photography that doesn’t involve a chemistry degree.

I like your newsletter, but with the number of newsletters I am presently getting, it is hard to read it all the time, even when I find it interesting. I think getting it once a month would be quite sufficient for me. Thank you for the great work you do on designing it and all the info.

I am teaching a handmade class at the college level and I direct my students to your site constantly – for information, support, ideas, and a sense of community. The newsletter and the site do all of those things for me too. Keep up the great work. Thanks

One of the gems of the internet. Ways of working that I used to dream of doing I can now undertake AND I am teaching my photography students to use some interesting methods – it’s not all inkjet!

No improvements; thanks for opening me up to this fascinating area of photography.

Keep it up!! I am glad you exist!!!

I love it, this is the most serious site on alt. processes I know. very useful.

9. What is your interest in alternative photographic processes?

Professional photographer working fulltime with alt. proc.14%
Professional photographer working fulltime with other photography18%
Professional photographer also holding a non-photography job38%

Note: Where the percentage is less than 0,5% it is not written out.

Thank you very much, to all who took part and gave us feedback!

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