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Sustainable options

Fill out the survey and contribute to this page, which aims to be a living document and a resource and a page containing a list of more sustainable options for some of the chemicals used in alternative photographic processes. The survey will be open until the end of May. Researched by / Malin Fabbri, Anne Eder and Henri Blommers The survey is open until end of May, so please help … Read more

Take part in our 2024 events!

We thought we’d give you a heads-up so you can put these 4 events on your calendar for 2024. Our Calendar event and our Special Members Only event are for Supporting Members only. World Anthotype Day and World Cyanotype Day are open to everyone. Don’t hesitate to take part! Our events in 2024 in short: Calendar event. Closed for entries, soon the calendar, journal and book will be ready. See … Read more

Ai or not? Image by kjpargeter on Freepik

Embrace or reject AI?

The use of AI-generated images in photography raises concerns. emphasizes human-created art through learning, inspiration, and connection within the photography community. We don’t allow AI-generated texts and images since what we stand for is the creativity and value of handmade art created by human photographers and artists. Read why. Writer / Malin Fabbri Image / kjpargeter on Freepik By now you all have heard of ChatGPT which cleverly writes … Read more

4 events in 2023

4 events you should not miss in 2023

We thought we’d give you a heads up so you can put these 4 events in your calendar for 2023. 2 are for Supporting Members only and 2 are open for everyone. Don’t hesitate to take part! Looking for the 2024 events? Check them out here Anna Atkins tribute event. Now closed. See the winners. Get the journal. Get the calendar. Get the planner. Christmas cards 2023 event. Now closed, … Read more

Green friday

We would like to propose a GREEN Friday instead of Black Friday!

It is scientifically proven that shopping does not make you or the planet any happier so, we would like to propose a GREEN Friday instead of Black Friday! Instead of buying lots and lots of stuff you don’t really need: Get outside in nature. Science shows it is de-stressing and extremely good for our health. Spend time with family or friends and do something nice for someone, like showing them … Read more

Sign up now at reduced price – limited offer

First of all, a BIG thank you to those of you who support us! We could not do what we do without you! For us – as well as for the rest of the world – our costs have increased and we have to increase the membership fee (it’s actually the first time in 10 years we do this). BUT it will stay the same for you if you: Already … Read more

Alex Mavromaras cyanotype for charity

Donate to a charity and get an alt. proc. gift

Donate to a charity and get an alt. proc. gift – a cyanotype or a book – in return. This initiative was started by an artist in aid of the Ukraine crisis, and we follow suit and encourage others to do the same. Raised so far: 362.90 USD for UNICEF from 4 different donations, thank you so much! 340 USD for the Red Cross from 2 donations, thank you so … Read more

Rose petals used to make anthotype prints

Do we need an Anthotype day? Anthotype day survey responses

Does the world need an Anthotype Day? Now we know, thanks to the 87 people who very kindly filled out our Anthotype day survey. Read on and you will know too! First a little background: Since the publication of Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants, the demand for more information has been apparent. We wanted to find out if an Anthotype day could: … Read more

Rose petals used to make anthotype prints

Survey: Does the world need an Anthotype Day?

Does the world need an Anthotype Day? We don’t know, so we’ll start with a survey to find out what YOU think. Please help us out by filling out the short survey. Please let us know what YOU think by filling out the Anthotype Day survey. Since the publication of Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants the demand for more information is apparent. Can … Read more


NFT and crypto art survey results

We sent out a survey to get feedback on the idea of having an NFT or Crypto Art gallery for our members. Listening to your feedback, we decided not to do it, at least not for now. Saying this, we are of course not stopping any individual artist from doing this on their own. Read the feedback here. We sent out a survey to get feedback on the idea of … Read more

Thank you all for 2021 and happy new year!

Thank you for yet another wonderful year full of inspiration and hope! First, we would like to thank all of you who are Supporting Members of! Your contribution keeps us running. “Thanks to our Supporting members we keep going! We are very grateful to you!” We would also like to thank all the artists that are the heart of the community and have posted work in our gallery and … Read more

Searching for gifts?

Searching for gifts?

The gift of learning is a gift for life… and here is great inspiration.   Anthotypes – Make photographs using plants It is possible to print photographs using nothing but juice extracted from the petals of flowers, the peel from fruits and pigments from plants. This book will show you how it is done, and expand your creative horizons with plenty of examples from artists working with anthotypes today.   … Read more

Easier to find photographers

New design!

We made it easy! Want to improve your negatives? Learn to build a UV lightbox? We spent the summer re-designing So it works BETTER on both desktop and mobile And moving it to FASTER servers, so you don’t have to wait for things to load. We also made it… Easier to find NEGATIVES Easier to find… …UV light boxes …Toning …Paper Easier to find interesting interviews on photographers and … Read more

Love alternative photography

Show your love for alt proc!

Why not show off your love for alternative photography and processes? We have created a range of products, from t-shirts, cape, tote bags to stickers and buttons. Take a look in our store.

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3 FUN new years resolutions

1. Learn a new process
2. Get (or update) your gallery
3. Attend a workshop, learn new skills and meet new people
Whatever you decide, enjoy next year! Happy new year!

The holidays are coming up – think before you buy

The holidays are approaching fast. It’s fun to give gifts, but if you are tired of giving THINGS away, you can always give EXPERIENCES. Some ideas: Give away a day with yourself in the darkroom. Give away a day at an exhibition. Give away a workshop. Or… if you still feel you have to buy a THING, perhaps make it a book that shows just how much fun alternative photographic … Read more

“Eyescreen” by Elizabeth Graves

Cyanotype survey

Jordan Megyery is researching cyanotypes. If you work with cyanotypes, please help out by filling out this survey “A Dissertation On The Light Sensitivity of Artists Cyanotype Prints”. This survey will form part of the research into a Masters Dissertation on the light sensitivity of cyanotype prints. The student sending the survey is currently studying the final year of a Conservation of Fine Art MA, specialising in works of Art … Read more