Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

115 artists working with albumen, anthotype, argyrotype, carbon, chrysotype, cyanotype, bromoil, gum bichromate, gumoil, infrared, kallitype, platinum/palladium, photogravure, polaroid lift, transfer and sx-70, salt print, temperaprint, vandyke, wet plate collodion, ziatype and other alternative photographic processes.

Edited by Malin Fabbri

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Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

“It’s not only beautifully produced with high quality reproductions of the images and a clean layout, but is filled with a panoply of alternative processes, some of which I’ve never seen before. A truly inspiring book and a great resource.”

Wendy Currie, photographic artist & workshop teacher.

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A copy of the book can be seen at William Morris Hunt Memorial Library at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

About the book

Art and Artists front coverAlternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I highlights the work of over 100 of today’s most active photographers working with alternative processes. Discover how the different processes create a unique look in a print, and get an insight into how the processes function. Here you will find both information and inspiration. Artists introduce themselves, their work and why they chose the qualities of that particular process.

From the introduction:

Art and Artists book inside spreadToday, when we have the technology to take the “perfect” photograph, freezing a moment exactly as it is, and are able to print it in minutes, many photographers take a step into the world of alternative processes. It may be out of curiosity of how the chemistry can bind a moment of time to the fibers in the paper. It may be out of the joy of making something by hand, from start to finish. It may be the delight in seeing an image emerging on paper floating in the developer bath. Or, it may be that a specific process embodies a unique texture, enhancing the idea or expression of the artist. The reasons for choosing to work in a specific alternative process are many and varied, but whatever the reason is, the journey there is often an enriching experience.

The interest in this book was bigger than I could have dreamt of. Over half of the artists represented on have participated (at the time of printing). Over 14 Gigabytes of pixels have been downloaded over the wires, in almost 1000 emails. I am now on a first-name basis with the postman (postwoman actually!), who turned up with stacks of letters every day, especially in the last two weeks before the deadline.

Art and Artists book insideEach of the artists here has included a little about themselves, their work and their choice of process. The images are a great inspiration. A wide variety of processes, concepts and ideas can be found here. To me, that too is pure inspiration, and that is the purpose of this book – to inspire.

About the editor

Malin Fabbri grew up in Sweden. She moved to London in her early twenties to study Design, English and Photography. Whilst earning an M.A. in Design studies at Central St. Martin’s School of Design, London, she discovered alternative photography, and wrote her thesis on the subject.

Finishing her degree and publishing her thesis felt more like a beginning than an end to Malin. She decided to combine her academic and practical experience and create a website. includes all alternative photographic processes in use by artists today. The website still maintains its origins as a source of information and research for alternative photographic processes.

Malin actively manages the expansion of the site as editor, and is an avid photographer herself. She makes her own alternative process prints and runs workshops. She is the co-author of Blueprint to cyanotypes – Exploring a historical alternative photographic process. Malin lives and works in Stockholm with her sons Maximillian and Ruben.

Feedback on “Art and Artists”

The only published resource of its kind, Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I represents the forefront of a worldwide movement of individuals who have retaken control of photographic printing and imagery. The vibrant re-emergence of the laboratory/wet processing subculture alongside the digital darkroom is set to influence aesthetic and critical sensibilities throughout the art world. The art and artists series has come at precisely the right moment.”

Paul Daskarolis, Editor, Siderotype Quarterly.

“I got my book, and it’s such a wonderful resource for when I teach alternative processes!”

Nancy A. Breslin.

“WOW! Nicely done. The book has inspired me to try other alternative process photography.”

Jane Linders.

“I look forward to using this excellent book as a source of inspiration for my advanced photography students.”

Scott Wittenburg, Advanced photography teacher, Upper Arlington High School.

“It arrived quickly and is absolutely wonderful.”

Kris Haggblom.

“I bought the book and its great. It’s a different experience to look at pictures in your hand then looking at them on a web site. My students have really enjoyed the book as well. It’s a fine product.”

Chris Peregoy, Teacher of photography, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

“You did a wonderful job! You end your newsletter with “get inspired”, well, all though I do my alternative processes for many years, I’m truly inspired by it.”

Jan van Leeuwen, photographer.

“It exceeded my expectations, Thanks!”

Suzanne Guinee, photographer.

“I really like the variety of content and the photographs are reproduced at a nice size for viewing. I do like the book very much and will use it as a reference in addition to the website to become inspired.”

Mike Shipman, photographer.

“The concept and content are exceptional. You have brought together both the technical description and the personal motivation of each artist working in a particular alt process. The styles of work represented, from traditional to experimental and everything in between, mixed within every conceivable process. I feel the book will become an important resource in our field (and for anyone with an interest in photographs), where else can you see this much work in so many different processes, working styles and get personal insight from each artist about their work.”

Edward Carpenter, Photographer.

“While nothing beats seeing the work in real life the book provides an excellent resource for all of us in terms of the variety and depth of work being done in alternative processes.”

Hamish Stewart, photographer.

“It’s not only beautifully produced with high-quality reproductions of the images and a clean layout, but is filled with a panoply of alternative processes, some of which I’ve never seen before. A truly inspiring book and a great resource.”

Wendy Currie, photographic artist & workshop teacher.

“The layout and design of the book is very presentable. It is good to see what other photographers are doing with thee processes and the standard of work, they are achieving.”

Lynette Zeeng, Photographer/Lecturer.

“I am a collector of first edition books and will only purchase the book if it qualifies with the standards below in the text, believe me yours does! I was very worried when you talked about on-demand printing but was pleasantly surprised when the books arrived.”

Dennis da Silva, Director and owner, Silvertone.

“I have really enjoyed the book, and I will be showing it to students when I teach alternative processes. The layout and cover are clean and professional, and the variety and overall quality of work inside is so high.”

Nancy Breslin, Art Instructor, University of Delaware.

“The book is an absolute credit to you. I am impressed with the layout – the quality of the printing and the reproduction of the book”

Ellie Young, Photographer, Gold Street Studios.

“I was really surprised and happy about the picture quality of the print and to see so much and excellent photography from all the artists. All in all: I have the book, I’m happy, fascinated, inspired and would like to thank you for all this great work!”

Tobias Ott.

“It is a beautiful book, very nicely done and one to be quite proud of. It is a great sampling of artists.”

Kathy Wismer.

Impressive range of work, and a welcome sampling from many countries. It is an inspiring book.”

Nick Klimaszewski.

I love the book. It is a wonderful thing you have made for the world. What an undertaking and may it be a success. You rock girl.”

Crystal Jackson, Photographer.

“I finally got a copy of the beautiful Arts and Artist coffee table book. It is most elegant and very unique. The quality is superior and of course, the contents are marvelous! It does inspire, and with that, Congratulations to you and everyone who made this huge project possible. Great job!!! Rated 10 of 10.”

Allan Razo.

“Art and Artists is an excellent summary of the work of practitioners of alternative processes.”

Gene Bagdonas.

“The gallery on the website is such a useful source of information about the work of alternative photographers, but the work really needs to be on paper. And on the bookshelf, as a reference.”

Robert Hoare.

“Very unique book, as a teacher my students love it and derive great inspiration from it. It encourages them to experiment and push the limits of conventional photography and also to get back into the darkroom and produce unique work.”

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    Given that the book contains work by a number of my students, I would have been happy to have contrbuted.


  2. I have gain some wonderful inspiration from this book and have now purchased the cyanotype book. I photograph all of my husbands artworks and would like to use some alternative printing processes to make some fine art prints of his work. This book and website have been a good guide to direct me. Thank you!

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