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Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos) anthotype by Michael Cessna

“Thinking of You” by Michael Cessna
Country: US
Common name of plant: Hardy Hibiscus, also called common rose mallow, swamp mallow, swamp hibiscus, dinner plate hibiscus
Parts used: Entire flower
Application: Soaking
Exposure time: 3 days, 1 hour and 25 minutes
Month, season and year: August, Summer, 2022
Substrate: Arches Platine 310 gsm (5×7)
Contrast of final print: *** (High)

Anthotype from Hardy HibiscusHardy Hibiscus for making anthotypesAmount: Ten flowers
Extracted using: Soaking
Thinner: Alcohol
Layers: 3
Used to create image: Photogram of a dried maple leaf grown in Ukraine
Challenges or observations: This plant creates an incredible purple dye; like most dyes, it is not lightfast.

Additional observations: The plant cultivar name is ‘Midnight Marvel’; this is the name given by the hybridizer for the unique plant. The cultivar’s name is very important. The plant patent number is PP24079.

Hardy hibiscus for making anthtoypes. Before exposure.
Hardy hibiscus for making anthtoypes. Before exposure.
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