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Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) anthotype by Penny Russell

“Jude’s Garden” by Penny Russell
Country: UK, but print made in Majorca
Parts used: Petals
Application: Brushing
Exposure time: 7 hours
Month, season and year: August, summer, 2022
Substrate: Sketchpad paper 140 gm (cream)
Contrast of final print: ** (Medium)

Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) anthotype by Penny RussellBougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) for making anthotypesAmount – About 4 flowers per A6 print
Extracted using: Mashing through a garlic press
Thinner: Bacardi Rum
Layers: 3
Used to create image: Photogram of Blue Jacaranda leaves

Challenges or observations: Considering how papery the blooms seem, they produced a really luscious cerise emulsion. This was exposed in very strong Majorcan sunlight under a Pyrex dish (no clip frames on hand), which is why I think it only needed 7 hours and is so vivid.

Instagram: @analogdaisies

Additional information:
This was produced from the garden of my cousin’s house in Majorca. We first came here in 2019 and intended to come back in 2020 but of course, the pandemic stopped us. This is our first time back in this beautiful place since 2019 and, at points in the past three years, it felt like we might never be able to get out of the country again. Being able to come back to Spain and feel like part of Europe again has given me hope again for my country – currently heading down a dark path. We are part of Europe and always will be.

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