David Marsh

Photographer David Marsh

David Marsh started exploring alternative photographic processes during the pandemic, he shares his gold-toned salt prints.
From: Escondido, USA.
Shows: Salt prints.

Born in San Diego, California – David Marsh was a 20-year veteran of the video game industry before switching his creative focus to photography during the pandemic. With a love for nature-related images, he captures portrait-style images of birds, flowers, insects or whatever else he can find on his journeys. He is self-taught in the historical salt printing process and currently resides in Escondido, California.

“As a digital artist from a young age, I always felt like my creative pursuits lacked a physical element. Finding nature photography was a spark that got me out from behind the computer and into the world.
Once I discovered salt printing it was a revelation. Printing my images onto paper using this almost 200-year-old process seems like magic. My work is a marriage of modern photographic technology with the original photographic rendering technique of salt printing.
Through my photographic journey, I hope my images spark interest in this historical photographic process.”

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  1. I’ve been doing salt prints for several years now, even ended up in a book in UK and also in the local paper for my work during the pandemic. I’m delighted to hear someone else is doing it too. I have also taught several students to do the process in basic black & white photography class at our local college. I’d love to converse with anyone about the process.

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