Salt print photographers

David Marsh

David Marsh started exploring alternative photographic processes during the pandemic, he shares his gold-toned salt prints. From: Escondido, USA. Shows: Salt prints. Born in San Diego, California – David Marsh was a 20-year veteran of the video game industry before switching his creative focus to photography during the pandemic. With a love for nature-related images, he captures portrait-style images of … Read more

Robin North Cyanotype

Robin North

Robin North works in alternative photographic processes and a range of expressions such as experimental narratives and portraits. From: Richmond, Texas, and San Diego, California, USA Shows: Cyanotypes, Platinum/Palladiums and Salt prints. Robin North is an interdisciplinary/visual artist based in Richmond, Texas, and San Diego, California. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Houston with … Read more

Argyrotype by Simon Ashmore

Simon Ashmore

Simon Ashmore is an artist from Kent in Southeast England who combines a range of photographic techniques and processes, often including alternative printing processes, to create expressive and sometimes abstract images. From: Kent, England. Shows: Argyrotypes, Cyanotypes and Salt prints. Time, memory, mortality and hope are reoccurring themes in Simon Ashmore’s work. “Alternative printing techniques are both a joy and … Read more

Geertjan Plooijer saltprint

Geertjan Plooijer

Geertjan Plooijer was inspired by his parents who had a strong interest in photography. Geertjan works with large format photography and uses processes like cyanotype, salt prints and vandykes. Born: The Netherlands, lives: Mörlunda, Sweden Shows: Cyanotypes, Salt prints and Vandykes. Geertjan was born in 1957 in Utrecht the Netherlands and now lives in Mörlunda in Sweden. Both his parents … Read more

Edward Richards

Edward Richards

Edward Richards experiments with cyanotypes and salt prints and shows work from all over the world. From: Australia. Shows: Cyanotypes and Saltprints. Ted Richards is a semi-retired photographer living in Australia who took up alternate processes about a year ago just out of interest. So far he has experimented with salted paper and cyanotype prints, and intends to move into … Read more

Megan Crawford

Megan Crawford

Megan Crawford, from Montana, has a background in history, which led her to explore alternative processes such as salted paper, chromoskedasic sabattier and mordançage. From: Columbia Falls, Montana, USA. Shows: Gum bichromate, salted paper, gum over salt, chromoskedasic sabattier and mordançage. Megan Crawford (b. 1995) is an alternative process photographer based in northwestern Montana. She received a Bachelor of Arts … Read more

Wynn White

Wynn White

Wynn White, an American living in Japan and a renowned salt print artist shows his work here. From: Ontario, Oregon, USA, lives Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan Shows: Argyrotypes, Cyanotypes, Kallitypes, Salt prints and Vandykes. 
Wynn White is an American photographer making his home in Chiba, Japan. He learned his craft through trial and error in the field and in the darkroom. … Read more


Dennis da Silva

Dennis da Silva started as a lab technician in South Africa. He has evolved his work to include alternative processes. From: Johannesburg, South Africa. Shows: Cyanotypes, Vandykes and Saltprints. For over four decades Dennis da Silva has been developing both an eye for beautiful images and the images themselves. After making the transition from photographer to lab technician Dennis submersed … Read more

Renee Johannes

Renee Johannes

Renee Johannes from Johannesburg, South Africa is a print maker working in cyanotypes and salt prints. From: Johannesburg, South Africa. Shows: Cyanotypes and saltprints. Renee Johannes was born 1961 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and still lives and works there. Joy Edmonds, photographer and respected U.K. based artist introduced Renee to salt photography whilst working on a research project in South … Read more