We now have 3 books on Anthotypes – enough to inspire someone?

Once you most likely felt that spark of inspiration, the one that initiated your creative process. Why not inspire someone else to get creative? We now have 3 anthotype books that may just be the perfect gift for someone? Or maybe for yourself!

Anthotypes – Make photographs using plants


This book will show you how it is done, and expand your creative horizons with plenty of examples from artists working with anthotypes today.
Available from 18 USD



Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1 – The collective research from photographers on World Anthotype Day 2022


Over 100 artists sent in their anthotypes and research notes of prints made from plants, powders or dyes covering 60 plants.
Available from 12.00 USD


Anthotype notes – Document your anthotype process


A notebook containing pre-defined pages with enough room to document 50 anthotypes.
Available from 8 USD

Enjoy anthotypingI

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