Cyanotype survey

Jordan Megyery is researching cyanotypes. If you work with cyanotypes, please help out by filling out this survey “A Dissertation On The Light Sensitivity of Artists Cyanotype Prints”.

This survey will form part of the research into a Masters Dissertation on the light sensitivity of cyanotype prints. The student sending the survey is currently studying the final year of a Conservation of Fine Art MA, specialising in works of Art on paper, at Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. The survey will focus on the methods and materials used by contemporary artists and practitioners in creating their cyanotype prints.

The survey is now closed and not taking any further entries.

The Survey is aimed at contemporary artists and photographers who work with the cyanotype process. It is intended to gather information on the different processing techniques and specific formulas used to create their prints.
The results will support the research for a dissertation on the conservation of cyanotype prints, which is part of a Masters Degree in Conservation of Fine Art, specialising in works of art on paper at Northumbria University, UK.
The dissertation will concentrate specifically on the light sensitivity of cyanotype prints. The aim is to investigate whether the processing techniques and sensitiser used to create the
Prussian blue image has an effect on their inherent light sensitivity. It is hoped that both conservators and those making the prints will be better informed by the research. have kindly offered to distribute the survey in order to reach those working with alternative photographic techniques. The findings of the research will be
available on the website later in the year, so that those interested may access it.


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