Calculator: Photographic chemical dilution – mix a 1/32 solution

If you have a photographic chemical solution you want to dilute to for example 1/32, where there is one part solution and 32 parts water, this calculator will help you work out how much solution to add and how much water to add? Use the Photographic chemical dilution calculator below.

This Photographic chemical calculator requires you to have a solution that is 100% pure that needs diluting, if you have one less pure, use this calculator instead.

It does not matter if you work in metric or imperial measures, if you use ml or ounces, as long as you are consistent and use ml for all the measures or ounces for all of them.

For example, you have a solution of bleach that you want to dilute with water to 1/32 bleach. Use the calculator to see how much you need.

Work out the dilusion of your solution:

What is the concentration of the solution you want?
Ratio: 1: For example 1:32
How much working solution do you need?
Working Solution:    ml or ounces For example 100 ml or 8 ounces
This is how much you need:
Concentrate:    ml or ounces
Water:    ml or ounces

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  1. This is amazing! I this saves me a few hours of scratching my head each time I need to do a calculation! I love you guys!

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