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Robert Hoare

Robert Hoare

Robert Hoare, a Calotype photographer from the UK likes to experiment with alternative photographic processes such as Calotypes. From: UK. Shows: Calotypes. “Every photographer ought to experiment with a historic process, to bring them closer to that which is the miracle of photography.” This is what Robert Hoare discovered when in August 2005 he celebrated 160 years of the first … Read more

Picto Benelux photo group logo

Picto Benelux Photographic group

Picto Benelux is a photographic group with artists from Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg working in alternative photographic processes. From: Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. Shows: Daguerrotype, Carbon prints, Bromoils, Cyanotypes, Gum bichromates, Heliogravures, Orotypes, Pinholes, Vandykes, Platinum print, Solargraphy, Sury prints, Vandykes. PICTO Benelux brings together photographers from Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and neighboring areas, interested in historic photographic … Read more