Birthday event: Art & Artist, edition 2 – for members

A special Supporting Members Only event! We know this took way too long and many of you have been waiting. Now we are very excited to announce that our next inspirational artists’ book will be made. If you are a Supporting Member or sign up now you will be eligible to take part and you may have your work published in Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Volume II.

What is the Art & Artist book?

Art and Artists, edition 1Take a look at Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I from 2006 (it still holds up as a book full of beautiful inspirational work).

The purpose of the book

The objective of this coffee table book is to give artists exposure, be a source of inspiration to artists and a reference guide for galleries.

Creating the book is a fair amount of work, so inclusion in the book will be exclusive to our Supporting Members. The membership contributions go towards running, to keep supplying learning resources, promoting artists (your) work and connecting people through events and our community. Sign up for membership here.

How to take part in Art and Artists, volume 2 book

Follow all steps. Open for entries in May – 30th of November 2024!

You email us your entry to and an entry consists of:

  1. Reading through the Terms & Conditions
  2. Sending items: Representative images, text and bio.

Entries in the wrong format may not be entered. Do make our lives a little easier by following all of these steps, please. 🙂 We expect many entries.

Read through the Terms and Conditions – mandatory!

  • Read ALL of the Terms and Conditions here
  • By submitting your work you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions on the link above.
  • By entering your work into the “Art and Artists, edition 2 call for entries”, your work may be included in our book, but we reserve the right not to include it. Submission is no guarantee of publication. There is no guarantee there will be a printed or digital version of a book, this is dependent on the response (we expect it to be good though). By entering you grant permission for your image to be used in our book and to promote the book. There will be no monetary compensation if your work is published you will receive full credit (and a lot of exposure for many years).

Bio and Text information – copy and paste into an email

If your first language is not English, please get someone to help you write your text.

  • The title of your images, the year they were made and the process they were made with. You can choose images made with different processes if you like, or the same process.
  • Each artists is presented on a spread where they talk about their art and why they choose the specific process they work in. On this spread: Christina Z. Anderson
    Each artist is presented on a spread where they talk about their art and why they choose the specific process they work in. On this spread: Christina Z. Anderson. The layout will be different for the new book. 

    The work will be displayed over a spread see an example of the 2006 book (the layout of the new book will be different).

  • Your bio – 90-120 words. The bio should include the city and country you’re active in. It should be written in the third person i.e. “Anna currently works as a photographer…”.
  • Your choice of process and/or image. In 90-120 words, describe how you made the images and why you chose to work with that particular process, what does the process add for you personally or for the images? The description should be written in a personal style, i.e. “I work with cyanotypes because…” or “When creating this series I visualized….”
  • Please get one or two people to read through the text before sending it to us. We may edit it if we find it necessary.
  • Instagram: (optional) @alternativephotography_com for example
  • Facebook: (optional) for example
  • Website: (optional) 

Representative images

  • Carefully select 2-4 images (5 may fit if they are square). They will be in the book for many years and will represent your work. It’s nice if the images have a theme rather than as many different ones as possible. They can be of the same process or different, but try selecting images that “belong together” visually or the spread will be cluttered.Icon resize images square 2500
  • Scan the images and resize them to 8,5 inches / 215 mm / 2500 pixels wide and tall. If you are unsure, send it large, since it’s easy for us to reduce the size, but not increase it. 
  • Name the images with your name and the title, and process. I.e. “Joanne Smith-Blue Flower-Cyanotype.jpg”. This will save us a lot of detective work trying to figure out who sent what.

Now you are ready to send the images and the text to us:

  • Send images by file transfer such as:
    – WeTransfer
    Dropbox (click here to get a free account with extra storage space)
    – Google Drive – set permissions to “Anyone with the link can view”
  • You can email us the link or allow the file to be shared with Do not attach the images to an email. If you have no idea how to do a file transfer, contact us.
  • Fill out the form with the text you prepared.
  • We may or may not publish the work on our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. If you have included your Instagram in the details above we will include it.
  • When we receive your entry, you will get a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation within a week, check with us at since it may have gotten stuck in the spam folder.


Please send all the information and the release form to us by the 30th of November. Or, even better, do it sooner.

Nancy Breslin
Example of spread for Nancy Breslin. The layouts will be different for edition 2.

What will it look like?

The size of the book will be approx 21,5 x 28 cm or 8,5 x 11 inches. One spread will be dedicated to each artist. (Some changes will be made to the type and layout for this edition).

When and where can I get the book?

The book will be published by and will hopefully be published in time for our 25th birthday on 8th April 2025. It will be for sale here on, on Lulu, on Amazon and in a couple of other places.

No NUDES, AI or “normal” photography…

The same rules apply for the book as for the website, please note that

  • we don’t accept nude photography, even if they are done in a very tasteful manner. We don’t like too many rules, but the reason is that this book may be used in education that includes educational institutions and cultures where nudity is offensive.
  • we don’t accept AI-generated images. The image should be made by YOU and not a prompt and some algorithms. 
  • we only accept alternative process photography. If you are unsure, take a look at our definition of alternative photographic processes.

Apart from that… any other subject is good. And if you’re not sure if your images would be accepted or not, please ask.

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  1. Ohhhhh yayaya I’m excited for this! Thanks to Alternative Photography for inspiring us yet again, my blue love continues to enthrall and energise me. I’ll be carefully creating especially for this. Fingers crossed I make the cut

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