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Wild Black Raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) + Pansy (Viola) anthotype by Mary Kocol

“Thyme, Valerian Leaf, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Hyssop Photogram” by Mary Kocol
Country: USA
Parts used: Berries only – ripe black ones & almost ripe red also ok, mixed together;
Application: Hake brush
Exposure: 1 day in full summer sun
Month, season, year: Early July, summer, 2022
Substrate: Canson mix media paper, 98lb/160g
Contrast of final print: *** (High)

Wild black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) + Pansy (Viola) anthotype by Mary KocolWild black raspberries for making anthotypesAmount: Cupful of berries should make about 5-10 prints with 2-3 coats each
Extracted using: Hand blender, strain with cheese cloth or nut milk bag
Thinner: Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, trace amount, or water
Layers: 3, but 2 should work
Used to create image: Photogram of my garden plants
The wild black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) (3 coats, applied on 2021), with 1 top coat of Pansy (Viola) applied in 2022. Brilliant most of the time, great color but fairly long exposures of a week or more, in the summer. The black raspberry emulsion can streak when applied with a brush. Oddly, this particular image only took 1 day to expose. I used 1 year old coated paper (3 coats) that was stored in the fridge for a year; I added 1 fresh layer of purple pansy to revive the paper. Perhaps adjust/increase the amount of added water or rubbing alcohol, or try a foam brush.

Normally black raspberry takes a week or more in summer sun. I’ve been applying 3 coats, which seems a bit too thick, 2 coats may be enough for the future with hopefully lesser exposure time. Black raspberries are smaller than regular red raspberries; they’re tart, not sweet.

Instagram: @marykocol
Facebook: mary Kocol
Website: marykocol.com

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