Wanda Holmes

Wanda Holmes, a computer scientist from Texas, USA has moved her creativity from clay sculptures to cyanotype and lumen prints, working with photograms.
From: Windom, Texas, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes and Lumen prints.

Wanda Holmes has spent her career working as a computer scientist but has always found creative expression to be necessary to her healthy state of mind. She began her journey in photography in 2007. At the time she was a maker of ceramic tile and hand built clay sculptures. Once she picked up the camera, there was no looking back. Largely self-taught,
Wanda Holmes strives to use the camera as a means of slowing down and truly seeing the world around her. In her work she hopes to express the extraordinary in the ordinary, to evoke her deep connection to her native soil, and to honor the search for simplicity and authenticity in life. Beginning with a digital camera and a love of color, she was slowly wooed by black and white imagery. Then, in 2016, was introduced by a friend to cyanotypes and lumen printing.
The dance of chemistry, sun, and found objects was intoxicating, as was the sense of inhabiting a long chain of makers stretching backwards to the beginnings of the art. The move from clay to camera was her first critical artistic inflection point, the discovery of alternative processes her second.

“Alternative photography has opened up a world of discovery, infinite in its capacity to challenge and delight, and that satisfies some deep part of my being.”

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