Jane A. Linders

Jane A. Linders is a photographer from St. Louis, Missouri, USA who started out with infrared photography before moving on to other alternative processes.
From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Shows: Polaroid transfers and Infrareds.

After working with black and white infrared film for 5 years, Jane Linders became restless and recently began exploring alternative photographic processes. She fell in love with the polaroid image transfer process. Jane lives in St. Louis, Missouri and most of her images are shot in the midwest region of the country. Jane doesn’t have any formal training in art or photography, but she has been doing chemistry for the last 15 years, and hopes to find a way to do photography for a living sometime in the future.

Jane A. Linders says about her polaroids:

“The strength of the polaroid transfer process is that it is fast art. To complete one transfer takes about 5 minutes. I have a short attention span so I like to see the results of my art right away.”

Jane A. Linders says about infrared photography:

“I like the way infrared photography seems to capture something softer than what is seen through the lens. Infrared film allows me to convey a visual language of thought, dreams and spirituality.”

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