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Turmeric, common (Curcuma longa) anthotype by Nicola Batista Loss Medeiros

“Hope: The Queen of Feelings” by Nícola Batista Loss Medeiros
Country: Brazil
Parts used: Root
Application: Immersion
Exposure time: 4 hours (interrupted)
Months, season and year: July, winter, 2022
Substrate: Mixed-media natural white paper, silky surface, 200g/m²
Contrast of final print: * (Low)

Turmeric, common (Curcuma longa) anthotype by Nicola Batista Loss MedeirosTurmeric for making anthotype emulsionAmount: half bottle cap per layer
Extracted using: Soaking of root powder
Thinner: Alcohol
Layers: 1
Used to create image: Positive on OHP paper (inkjet print)

Challenges or observations:
The yellow colour symbolizes “hope” and, by coincidence, the root of curcuma is the fastest emulsion that I know. It makes this cheerful colour. This pigment has become my main photosensitizer. This discovery occurred during my art classes in Brazilian public education, when a student had forgotten to make his anthotype print and did it a few hours before we started my class. With sincerity, the student revealed to me that he had done it, and I was surprised by the speed of printing.

Instagram: @nicola_cest_moi
Facebook: lordnicola

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