Tom Thompson

Tom Thompson is a Production Specialist at Library and Archives Canada and shows his work in image transfers.
From: Ottawa, Canada.
Shows: Image transfers.

Despite the fact that his father spent countless hours toiling in the darkroom while he was growing up, Tom had no urge to take pictures until the age of 26, about the same time he decided to take up the pedal steel guitar.

“I distinctly remember watching the cinematic classic KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park at a young age, and wondering why on earth my dad preferred to spend his time in that stinky darkroom alone, when he could be hanging out with Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter and me!”

Many years later, Tom finally understands the allure of the darkroom.

Tom Thompson’s work has been featured in several publications including PhotoLife and Photo Art International. Although Tom is represented by the Graphistock agency, he continues to exhibit and promote his art independently.

Tom is active in the music scene and has recorded with close to a dozen artists including Kathleen Edwards and Jim Bryson. His trademark melancholic pedal steel playing echoes his photography.

“I love to hear how people interpret my images – it’s my favorite part of the process.”

Contact Tom Thompson

  • Email: tomthompsonphoto (at)
  • Instagram: wirehead30

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