Canadian photographers

Anthotype by Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand

Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand

Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand is on a zero-waste journey and is exploring processes such as anthotype and chlorophyll alongside her work in cyanotypes and pinholes. From: Canada. Shows: Anthotypes, Chlorophylls, Cyanotypes and Pinholes. Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand has been doing photography as fine art since she was in college and attended the Ottawa School of Art in Canada. In art school, she would enrol in every photography class available and as often … Read more

Chlorophyll print by Émilie Léger

Émilie Léger

Canadian Émilie Léger is an award-winning illustrator and visual artist working in chlorophyll prints and cyanotypes. From: Pincourt, Québec, Canada. Shows: Chlorophyll prints and cyanotypes. Émilie Léger was born in 1987 in Vaudreuil, in the suburbs of Montréal (Québec, Canada). She is a professional artist, illustrator and a cultural worker. During her years in the digital art field, she became an illustrator. She won five Aurora-Boréal literature prizes for her … Read more

Ralph Rinke Platinum palladium

Ralph Rinke

Ralph Rinke is a Fine Art Photographer living in North Vancouver on the West coast of Canada. He shares his Cyanotypes and Platinum Palladiums. From: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Shows: Cyanotypes and Platinum palladium. With camera in hand for over fifty years, Ralph Rinke has for decades, created photographs for individuals and corporations alike. Currently, he is exploring the work of the avant-garde Czech and German photographers from the … Read more

Cyanotype photographer Dennis Humphrey

Dennis Humphrey

Dennis Humphrey is an interdisciplinary artist using digital photography, alternative photography (cyanotype and gum bichromate) as well as contemporary mixed media processes, mostly on paper. He shares his cyanotypes here. From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Shows: Cyanotypes. Dennis Humphrey is an interdisciplinary artist using digital photography, cyanotype and contemporary mixed media processes on paper.   A collector of images, an assembler and arranger of mediums and materials, he mixes and … Read more

Cyanotype photograph by Alina Chirila

Alina Chirila

Alina Chirila is a Canadian photographer and psychotherapist living and working in Waterloo, Ontario. She works in Chemigrams and Cyanotypes. From: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Shows: Chemigrams and Cyanotypes. Alina Chirila is a self-taught film photographer, interested in analog and historical printing techniques. She defines her practice as an exploration of experience, of self and other, and of the relationship with the world. Alina Chirila is compelled by film in its … Read more

Susan Huber printing out paper

Susan Huber

Susan Huber, a Canadian photographer, is mainly self taught and teaches alternative photographic processes to others. She works in POP – Printing out paper, see her work. From: West coast of Canada Shows: POP – Print out Papers Susan Huber is a Canadian photographer who travels in the present while keeping an eye on the past. Using a large camera and 19th century processes her work portrays visions of historical … Read more

Cyanotype by Natalia Tcherniak

Natalia Tcherniak

Natalia Tcherniak, a Canadian who works as an architect shares her Cyanotype work here. From: Toronto, Ontario. Canada. Shows: Cyanotypes. Natalia, a graduate of Carleton and University of British Columbia, spends her days as a licenced architect, working on mixed-use and health care projects across Canada. However, her mornings she spends as a visual artist and alternative photography printmaker, exhibiting locally in Toronto, and internationally in UK, USA, and Japan. … Read more

Stewart Jack

Stewart Jack’s work focuses on urban, botanical and travel landscape. His work consists primarily of Bromoils, Carbons, Palladiums and Ziatypes. From: Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. Shows: Bromoils, Carbons, Palladiums and Ziatypes. Stewart Jack is a photographer living in Sooke British Columbia Canada. Stewart’s work focuses on urban, botanical and travel landscape. His work consists primarily of hand made prints using 19th century techniques. Stewart prints using salt, albumen, Van Dyke, gum, bromoil, carbon, Kallitype and platinum palladium … Read more

Sylvia Sampson

Sylvia Sampson

Sylvia Sampson, a retired nurse, discovered the alternative photographic process at PrairieView School of Photograph in Winnipeg MB and fell in love. From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Shows: Chlorophylls, Photograms and Pinholes. Sylvia Sampson is a retired nurse, mom, tree lover and photographer. She discovered the alternative photographic process at PrairieView School of Photography in Winnipeg MB and fell in love with the art form. Her works include photograms, chemigrams, pinhole … Read more

Tom Thompson

Tom Thompson

Tom Thompson is a Production Specialist at Library and Archives Canada and shows his work in image transfers. From: Ottawa, Canada. Shows: Image transfers. Despite the fact that his father spent countless hours toiling in the darkroom while he was growing up, Tom had no urge to take pictures until the age of 26, about the same time he decided to take up the pedal steel guitar. “I distinctly remember … Read more

Karen Phillips Curran

Karen Phillips-Curran

Karen Phillips-Curran loves watercolours and the intense and expressive look of Polaroid image transfer. She shows her transfers here. From: Canada. Shows: Polaroid image transfers. It takes ingenuity, passion and dedication to be a living, working, Canadian artist. Karen certainly qualifies. A watercolourist at heart, her facility extends to other mediums. Working in series, she explores different realms of thought and experience. The Polaroid Image Transfers she does show off … Read more

Renata Ratajczyk

Renata Ratajczyk

Renata Ratajczyk is a Polish born digital artist. She shares her work in Polaroid SX-70s. From: Born Warsaw, Poland, lives Toronto, Canada. Shows: Polaroid SX-70. Renata Ratajczyk is a photographer and digital artist specializing in photo illustration, fine art portraits and travel photography. In her dream-like and visionary images she often merges reality with a fantasy world. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, she lives and works in the Greater Toronto Area, … Read more