The Everyday Garden

by Francis Baker
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About the book:

Fine art monograph of Francis Baker’s conceptual photographic series: the everyday garden. This series includes art work in cyanotypes, Vandyke types, chromogenic photographs and sculptures. See a preview of the book here.

Statement from Francis Baker:

As children we form concepts we will use for the rest of our lives.  We adopt these notions to judge, compare and form our ideas of self, community and the totality of our surroundings.  Some of these notions are a positive force.

Some of these notions are negative and act as a destructive force to our health, maintenance of society, and the welfare of our environment.  To facilitate personal sovereignty and the responsibility that accompanies this, it must be understood that when these fundamental thought structures confine growth, we must break through their artificial barriers.

I planted the everyday garden with the understanding that anything that can define a life has the potential to confine that life.

This process spaned about five years from observation thru commitment and growth, and finally to completion. Creating, giving space to grow, waiting, observing and refining methods, as well as, the visual reminder left behind by photographs and sculptures, help in understanding the forces at play when in the grips of unhealthy or misplaced emotions or thoughts such asanger or fear. When the direction we are pointed is not in a direction best suited to our health, we can then use the awareness that we are being confined by thoughts and emotions as a tool to find a more compassionate, non-selfish and sustainable modality for action. This change in action compels a further change in thought.

About Francis

Francis Baker is a photographic artist using Alternative processes to communicate ephemeral qualities of life, such as: Physical image, age, wholeness, individuality and the repeated patterns of human action. Weighing these against the backdrop of the body’s transitory nature, he presents a visual mode of expression, hoping that the viewer (and himself) may gain insight into releasing the self from preconditioned thought, when it arises; thereby, transcending the relative human boundaries of history, culture, time and place.
Francis has been exhibiting since 1994, with shows in Miami, Chicago and has had solo shows in Seattle as well as being shown in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Francis lives and works in San Francisco.

The book

  • Printed: 86 pages, 8.50″ x 11.00″, perfect binding, full-color interior ink
  • Copyright: © 2006 by Francis Baker Standard Copyright License
  • Language: English

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