Will Dunniway The Collodion Photographer

Spanning three centuries with the wet plate collodion process

by Will Dunniway

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About the book:

This portfolio book is the result of 20 years of Will Dunniway’s work with the wet plate collodion process used from 1851 till the turn of the century.

This first edition book is presented as a ‘case bound’ fabric hard cover with four color dust jacket. All printing is four colour printed on premium 100lb stock. Over 152 pages illustrate 140 images made using this exclusive historical process and equipment.

The 20 year portfolio of a modern working wet plate collodion artist, Will Dunniway. He works out of Corona, California. His many and varied tintypes and wet collodion glass plate negatives range from the California Gold Rush, Plains Indians, steam engine, many 19th century civilian and American Civil War period soldiers and camp views. These scenes are masterfully recreated in this volume along with many glass collodion landscape negatives done in this 19th century technique and cameras – But presented with a 21st century sensitivity, leaving much of the wet plate collodion artifacts visible.

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The book

  • Size: 9×9″
  • Released December 2008
  • Four colour
  • 152 pages
  • Language: English


“Excellent book,very informative. Good design and layout.”

– Brian Iddon

“Amazing!! At first I though the photos was from XIX c.!”

– Alfonso de Castro

1 thought on “Will Dunniway The Collodion Photographer”

  1. I have watched the work of William Dunniway go from fantastic to unbelievable perfection. Very few artists of his calibre have achieved such an over all 19th century look in his work as Mr. Dunniway. To see him work while dressed in period clothing, using 1800’s cameras and equipment ads a certain charm to each plate created. The book captures only a small portion of his vast effort and barely touches on the huge amount of work he has generated over the nearly 20 years of artistry. I highly recommend this book and look forward to his second work. I proudly sell his works and his book in my store at the Columbia State Historic Park.

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